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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blood Vessel is the Key to Health! -Part 3-

Blood Vessel is the Key to Health!
Blood Vessel Care -Part 3-
Wonjin’s Beauty Tip to Make You More Beautiful!

From last posting, we have discussed about the diseases that can occur due to vascular health problems. Atherosclerosis, varicose vein, cold hands and feet are few examples. Today, lets find out about the effective foods for vascular health and the advantages of Wonjin CS2.
<Foods that Benefits Blood Vessels>
01 Buckwheat
Buckwheat is rich in "flavonoids" to keep the blood vessel wall. Vitamin P contained in buckwheat has an effect of bleeding prevention effect and also increases the role of the essential vitamin C in the human body.
02 Paprika, Apple, Cabbage
Paprika improves inflammation, apples and cabbage helps lower the blood vessel temperature.
<Wonjin CS2 Blood Circulation Improvment>
Wonjin CS2 is a spa with clinical code, with the effect of liquefied far-infrared promotes blood circulation to act as energy for cell activation. Wonjin CS2 infrared effects were recognized as a national and international conformity certificate. Not only for the qualification, it is known for its effectiveness on visible swelling and health care.

Source: Wonjin Cellcera Facebook


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