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Friday, December 11, 2015

Let’s strengthen our immunity with simple yet strong habits!

Let’s strengthen our immunity with simple yet strong habits!
Wonjin’s Beauty Tip to Make You More Beautiful!
01 Chew with both sides of mouth
To increase the immunity, we constantly have to supply new blood in our body. When chewed with both sides of mouth, it promotes the hematogenesis on head and face.
02 Sleep in straight posture
It is possible to maintain the function of immune system by the white blood cell destroying the tumor cell, when you rest well and sleep in straight posture.
03 Cold drinks should be avoided
The core of the immunity is mitochondria! Mitochondria is important for the metabolism because it maintenance the environment of intestines. Mitochondria can function properly when body is kept warm.
04 Exercise lightly and regularly
Exercises such as abdominal breathing or tai chi can provide relaxation and drop the brainwave to an alpha wave, which releases the tension in the body and promotes immunity to increase by an active mitochondrial function.
05 Benefits of sun exposure
Ultraviolet light can maintain the immunity of the skin and biorhythm. Sunlight is the best antiseptic and strengthens the bones and skin.  Also, allows to sleep well by regulating the biological clock.
Source: Wonjin Cellcera Facebook


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