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Monday, December 21, 2015

Rhinoplasty for men requires different surgical method than women

Rhinoplasty for men requires different surgical method than women
As interest in appearance of men increases rapidly, it is being considered as one of competiveness in the society, which draws more men to plastic surgery hospital. Among those, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgery.
About 70% of men who visits the plastic surgery hospital inquires about rhinoplasty surgery, which shows the high interest of nose surgery compare to other surgeries.  It is because nose is located in the center of the face, which can determine the image of men.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has mentioned, “Many men have consultation regarding nose that are too low or deviated, too short or too big.  Also, many of them are interested in square jaw reduction surgery or face contouring surgery.”
Male rhinoplasty tends to favor high nose bridge and straight angle from nose bridge to the tip of nose, rather than women’s nose which emphasizes soft and natural shape. This is because the nose shape can define men’s characteristic. However, nose that is too high may look artificial and unnatural.  Therefore, it must be done considering individual’s balance and harmony of face.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has mentioned, “For rhinopalsty, the shape of nose, cartilage, bone and other condition must be diagnosed accurately and perform correct surgical method.  In order to do that, the surgery must be consulted with an experienced surgeon and must pay attention on postoperative care.  Accurate surgical method must be discussed and chosen for selecting the appropriate nose shape.”


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  1. Hi, very nice blog, and before after photos, Male rhinoplasty is one of the best cosmetic surgery for male patients to change the shape of a nose to improve appearance and its function.