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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Self-Test: How much stress do you have?


Self-Test: How much stress do you have?

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Check the number you feel most close to your condition for last 15 days!
Never- 0 point / sometimes- 1 point / often- 2 points
1.     I had the fearful feeling when I wake up.
2.     I cannot sleep, sleep deeply, nor wake up often during sleeping.
3.     I keep feeling someone is chasing me.
4.     I lose appetite, or suddenly overeat.
5.     I cannot concentrate, and lose the work efficiency.
6.     I don’t have good memory, so I often forget things.
7.     I believe in telepathy, sixth sense, and destiny.
8.     Everything’s a bother and tiring
9.     I once suffered from false rumor about myself.
10.   I talk and act in rough manner.
11.   I suddenly get angry with no reason.
12.   I feel uncomfortable to have heart- to heart talk with others.
13.   I easily get influenced by others.
14.   I was told that I’m careless to my family.
15.   I’m bored of my job.
16.   My co-worker once worked wild by him/herself.
17.   I once suffered because of unreasonable request.
18.   I once wanted to runway from work.
19.   I was pressured due to appointed time.
20.   People sometimes tell me I over react.
21.   I finish work late because I think too much.
22.   I want to be special than others.
23.   I easily get shy and sensitive at other’s reaction.
24.   I had a fight with my co-worker.
25.    I had to do which I didn’t wanted to do,
26.   People ignore my opinion sometimes.
27.   I wanted to change my job.
28.   I have someone who teases me with no reason.
29.   I was scold in front of many people.
30.   I think division of work I do is unfair.
0-15 points presently does not specifically insecure
16-25 points have a little stress and need precaution
26-40 points have moderate stress and needs active support
41-60 points have high altitude stress and definitely require professional support
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