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Friday, January 8, 2016

From Wonjin Beauty Medical Group: Dark circle can be improved with under eye bag surgery!

From Wonjin Beauty Medical Group:
Dark circle can be improved with under eye bag surgery!

Today, we are going to find out about the treatment for dark circle.
These days, modern people are very busy which gives the impression of always looking tired and sleepy.  After a busy day, many people look at themselves and think how much they look old. Tired and sleepy looking often gives impression of person looking old.  Recently, younger-looking surgery is gaining popularity.  There are many different procedures and surgery and the latest trend is filler, Botox treatment, thread lifting and incisional lifting.
However, even if the skin is smooth and has elasticity, it will be hard for the person to look young and lively with dark circles on under eyes. Wonjin Beauty Medical Group have mentioned that the number of people consulting regarding the under eye bag surgery to improve dark circles.
Under eye bag surgery is effective for those eyes with excess fat which creating shadow under eyes or looking older because of severe dark circles.  Also, the muscles under eyes are becoming weak and skin becoming saggy due to aging.  All these symptoms may be treated with under eye bag surgery.
Under eye bag surgery for fat removal and fat repositioning is performed through conjunctiva.  The benefit of this surgery is fast recovery with minimal scar and able to wash face and wear make-up.  By improving the dark circles, the person is able to gain brighter facial complexion, looking young and youthful.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group have mentioned that in order to solve the root cause of the problem, it is important to inject the fat deeply and fill inside of the skin by repositioning the tissues which will significantly lower the possibility of recurrence.
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group has many experiences of various cases and know-how which can shorten the time surgery with the proven safety.  The accuracy of each person’s diagnosis, the structure of eyes and through the ergonomic analysis surgery planning, Wonjin is the place for the patients to trust and rely on.
Wonjin's Before and After Photos for Under Eye Bag Surgery:
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