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Monday, January 11, 2016

Incision area for Breast Augmentation: FYI before the breast surgery!

Incision area for Breast Augmentation:
FYI before the breast surgery!
Korean Breast augmentation information :
Incision area before the breast surgery!

 Beauty tip to be more beautiful from WONJIN !

  1. Under the armpit incision using endoscope
Incision size is about 3cm along the wrinkles under armpit. The possibility of bleeding is very low because Wonjin uses high-tech endoscope and it also raises the accuracy of the surgery.
The advantages of armpit incision:
Lessens the damage of main blood vessels and tissues
invisible to see the scar due to endoscope method
 fast recovery than other incision areas
no need to worry about capsular contracture
simple implant change in case of revision
no need to concern about asymmetry
2.    Areola incision
Incision along the dark colored areola line about 1.5cm. It is suitable method for celebrities or models who often pose with their arms raised. Wearing sleeveless shirt is also fine, but, sense and function of nipple may decline after surgery.
The advantages of areola incision:
Less visibility of scars because the incision size is small along the areola boundary
fast healing of wound by incising thin part of skin
ncrease of accuracy due to close incision from surgical area
no need to worry about moving the arms like armpit incision

3.    Under the breast incision
Incision area is the under the breast line where it gets fold for implant insertion. It is used for complicated revision surgeries or correction surgeries. However, the possibility of scar visibility is higher than other method, so it is suitable when the patient does not mind about the scar, but wish to make the big size.
The advantages of under the breast incision:
-applicable on any kind of breast shape
secure of clear view for accuracy
better when inserting teardrop shape implant
fast recovery due to less pain and bleeding
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