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Monday, January 4, 2016

The Reason Why it’s Wonjin for Rhinoplasty Surgery!

The Reason Why it’s Wonjin for Rhinoplasty Surgery!
Wonjin, the largest plastic surgery hospital in Korea! The reason to do rhinoplasty in Wonjin!

01.  Real 3D Simulation Surgery
Wonjin’s rhinoplasty surgery know-how + the accuracy of 3D scanner!
- Establish precise surgical planning through precise diagnostics
- A three-dimensional analysis of aesthetic and functional issues solved
-Derive predictable result after surgery with the error range of less than 0.1mm
-Using white LED which is Harmless to the human body without the concern of radiation

02.  Many Experiences in Various Cases of Surgery
The skill of specialist may be disguised, but the experience cannot be.
-Proven safety procedures in various surgery cases
-The immediacy of operation time with various surgery experience and know-how
-Surgery planning through ergonomic analysis regarding facial features, the structure of nose and nasal tissue.
03.  1:1 Customized Anesthesia System
Dedicated management system in specializing in 1:1 Anesthesiology care from surgery until recovery in responsible for your safety.
-A specialist in anesthesia in responsible of patient’s safety prior to surgery to recovery after surgery
-Clinical pathologist to conduct a comprehensive examination blood tests for 30 items
04.  Personalized and Customized Care System
From the consultation before surgery and after being discharge from the clinic, the center of all the management services is only you.
-Operating the exclusive treatment center for the convenient outpatient treatment
-Personalized and customized anti-swelling care system through complete medical examination
-Personalized 1:1 manager to care from the consultation before surgery to after surgery
-Translation services in English, Chinese, and Japanese speaking coordinators available for foreign patients
-24 hours call center for customer service and customer inquiry after surgery

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