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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter is a Perfect Season for Diet! The Advantages of Winter Diet

Winter is a Perfect Season for Diet!
The Advantages of Winter Diet
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As the weather gets colder, it makes harder to exercise. However, winter is a good season for exercising, so let’s find out the advantages of winter diet. The US internet media has introduced the four benefits of exercise in winter.
Benefit of Winter Diet 01: Improves the immune system.
People catch cold because of virus, not because it’s cold.  According to a research, exercise is one of the best ways to prevent diseases such as colds by strengthening the body’s immune system.
Benefit of Winter Diet 02: Lose weight by burning more calories.
Many people think that they could burn more calories when you exercise in winter, but there is no scientific evidence for this. The problem is that you cannot generate heat in the body with just little movement but there are ways to exercise which to take the advantage of exercising in the cold season.  One way is running on the snow, which is much harder than running on the concrete floor and has the same effect as running on the sand. Also, it is possible to burn more calories when you run with snow shoes. According to the study, it’s possible to burn more than 1,000 calories by running on the snow.
Benefit of Winter Diet 03: Can prevent the seasonal depression.
About 20% of Americans appear to be suffering from depression during the cold season. The best way to prevent the seasonal depression is being active.  Exercise releases more endorphins out which improve and boost your good mood. You can get the same effect when you work out indoor with a treadmill.  However, if you exercise outdoors, the greater the effect will be.  According to a study in 2013, outdoor exercise promotes the vitality and positive mood. You don’t need to exercise for a long time when it’s cold because the greatest effect is during the first five minutes of exercising when you exercise outdoor.
Benefit of Winter Diet 04: You can easily increasing exercise intensity.
During summer, walking, running, biking, etc. or any other exercise is harder to do and difficult to increase the intensity due to hot heat and humidity. However, it’s possible to do that in winter.  It’s incorrect that the cold air is not good for the lungs.  Colder weather is better to set the personal record.  Studies have shown that marathon runners set the worst records when temperature rises.  However, you must warm up enough to increase the exercise intensity when it’s cold.



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