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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Best Time for Diet Based on Women’s Menstrual Cycle

The Best Time for Diet Based on Women’s Menstrual Cycle
Wonjin’s Beauty and Health Tip for Women!
As you know, many women are on diet but did you know the fact that effect depends on the women’s menstrual cycle? Let’s find out about the best for diet depending on each cycle.
Golden time for diet! 10 days after period
It’s best to start the diet 2 days after the period. During this period, the fat does not accumulate because the progesterone hormone secretion is suppressed and able to gain great effect on diet just by light exercise.
Appropriate time for diet! A week after ovulation
When the ovulation begins, it’s likely to gain weight because the progesterone increases gradually.  At this stage, it is important to keep the body in balance with continuous exercise and proper meal plan, in order to lose more weight.  Therefore, you should pay more attention on continuous exercise and diet control.
Risky time for diet! A week before period
From a week before the period, the progesterone secretion increases gradually and out body get bloating and under stress which results in weight gain. At this time, you must watch out your weight.  Instead of intensive exercising, it is recommended to exercise lightly and should avoid liquid and salt intake to prevent the swelling.
Time to rest! During period
When period starts, metabolism fails and our body becomes exhausted and sensitive.  At this time, dieting should be avoided because our body is very sensitive to stress.  It would be very helpful to do light exercise and do stretching to keep the body in balance and control the weight.
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