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Friday, March 11, 2016

Asymmetric Chin Face Contouring Surgery

Asymmetric Chin Face Contouring Surgery
Everyone has facial asymmetry; eyes, nose, mouth, chin and even toes on each side look different.  It is a matter of more or less but there is no perfect symmetry.  However, for those of who has asymmetric chin and wants to have face contouring surgery, it can be improved with Wonjin’s special skill and know-how.  Let’s find out about asymmetric chin face contouring surgery.
01.   Asymmetric Chin and Square Jaw:  When right and left side of chin is asymmetry and with normal bite, it can be improved by pushing the whole chin backward.  In case of over or under bite, it can be improved with orthodontic treatment and two jaw surgery after an accurate diagnosis.
02.   Surgical Process: Fracture front chin into T shape, avoiding the nerve. ▶ Move the resected bone to the center line of the face. Remove the front chin bone. Fix front chin with screw. (Screw is harmless to human body and can be removed after 6 months under local anesthesia.)

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