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Monday, March 21, 2016

Jutting Chin Surgery- Jutting Chin Diagnosis

Jutting Chin Surgery- Jutting Chin Diagnosis
Diagnosis for jutting chin is very important compare to other surgeries.  Let’s find out about Wonjin’s reliable diagnostic method.
3D CT Scan: Take X-ray and 3D CT to collect the accurate data for the nerve distribution, size and location of the bones, and the location of blood vessels.
ST (Simulation Two –jaw) Model Making: After taking 3D CT and by using the collected three-dimensional data, we reproduce an accurate ST model with the same size of temporomandibular joint position, size of teeth, and facial bone structure. Then, we develop the surgical plan by evaluating the problems of the facial structure.
InVivoDental: It accurately measures and diagnosis the amount of bone density, thickness and shape of the jaw shape and position of the neural tube.
SOPP(Simulation Operation Prediction Program):Able to predict and view in three-dimensional for changes in facial bones and as well as the soft tissue after surgery to increase the accuracy of surgery.


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