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Friday, April 15, 2016

Are you concern about eyelid revision? Here is the well-known clinic for eyelid revision!

Are you concern about eyelid revision?
Here is the well-known clinic for eyelid revision!
No more worries for revision with Wonjin! Revision must be done more carefully due to possibility of more scar tissue damage occurrence than the first surgery. The slight difference of 1mm may make a huge difference as a result, which requires delicate and advanced technique.
1.   Eyelid Revision –
Can my thick eyelid be thinner?
It is simple to make thin eyelid thicker, but in case of thick eyelid line made from incision method, high sophisticated technology is required to fix it. The tightly adhered tissue should be released and minimizing the scar is most important. We can remove the fats on thick eyelid and lower the eyelid line so the scar is less visible. Correction is made with calibration method, so you do not have to worry about last eyelid line remaining and cause double lines.
2.   Eyelid Revision –
Do I have to do incision method when non-incision method gets undone?
It is not necessary for eyelid revision by incision method after fist surgery of non-incision or partial incision method. If the fat on eyelid was not removed, or suture method is the matter, we can make the slimmer eyelid line bye double non-incision method, or partial incision method as revision. However, in case of incision revision, accurate diagnosis and correction should be made due to scar removal of previous surgery for new eyelid line.
3.   Eyelid Revision –
Can my inner corner be closed a bit as revision for Epicanthoplasty?
Many people concern about epicanthoplasty revision because of the scar which requires high sophisticated technology. Wonjin finely restore overly opened inner corner of Mongolian fold. We ease out the old tissue and gather slimmer in Y-shape. During this time, minimizing the scar and make soft image is very important. Revision usually performed 6 months after when the first surgery tissue is fully healed.
4.   Eyelid Revision –
Do I have to go for revision when I have asymmetric double eyelid size?
Swelling still subsides 2-3 months after the first surgery up to 6 months which may seem asymmetric eyelid line. Instead of being impatient about the first surgery result, it is recommended to determine the revision with result after 6 months.
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