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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Are you concerned about having rhinoplasty? If so, Wonjin is the answer!

Are you concerned about having rhinoplasty?
If so, Wonjin is the answer!
Nose is located on the center of the face and keeps the balance of the overall face.  If you are still considering about having rhinoplasty, Wonjin is here to help you out. .
Nose is not just about the height but it should be well balanced with one’s face.  Also, not just about the shape, it needs to be considered regarding the functional aspect as well.  With Wonjin’s well experienced skills and know-how, we are able to solve and answer your problems.
1.     What if the implant is noticeable?
There are many beautiful celebrities but the implant is visible and noticeable.  The problem is not the implant, but the skill of the surgeon.  The implant may look noticeable when the implant is too narrow or high.  At Wonji, the wide nose bridge will be reduced and insert the customized implant for each individual.  Then, the implant will be placed under the periost so that the implant does not become visible.
2.     What if my nose look pinched?
If the cartilage of the nose tip is tied too tightly or didn’t consider the thin skin of the nose, the cartilage may be noticeable and get pinched look. Therefore, a precise cartilage design is very important.  The tip should be covered with fascia and collumella support is required to prevent the deformation of the cartilage.  When it’s done properly, the tip will be very natural.
3.     What if my nose tip becomes harden?
The tip of the nose may become harden when an implant is used on the tip.  At Wonjin, we use soft autogenous cartilage. The nasal septum cartilage is wide and strong, so it’s very good to make the tip.  Ear cartilage is softer than the nasal septum, which is good for making round tip.  In order make the most beautiful nose, it is very important to understand the characteristics and benefit of each materials and apply on each individuals.

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