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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Must know this in order to choose the best clinic for Breast Augmentation!

Must know this in order to choose the best clinic for Breast Augmentation!
When will you be satisfied with YOUR bikini look with C cup breast and Y shape cleavage, not envying others who have it?
1. Check before the Breast Surgery – FAQ!
Q. What time of the year should I get the surgery done?
A. Between April~ June is good to be prepared for hot weather and wear bikinis.
Q. How can I know what size and shape is good for me?
A. it is important to choose the shape and size for the breast, not just big size of the breast. Usually the ideal size of the breast is about 4~5cm less than hip size. Triangle line made from collarbone of both sides to nipple, and placed on the center of shoulder and elbow when you see it from the side is the golden ratio of the breast.

2. Check before the Breast Surgery – Must asked Questions
-      The ideal size for you
-      The shape of cleavage you wish to have
-      Where nipples should be placed
-      The first priority for yourself from size, shape, and sense of touch
-      The shape you wish to have from front and side view

3. Why Wonjin so special for Breast surgery?
-      Safety guaranteed by using only approved implants!
-      Endoscope used surgery for safety and time saving!
-      Natural with dual plane!
-      Intercostal anesthesia for less pain!
-      1:1 customized scar treatment for confidence!

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