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Real Story of Two Jaw Surgery from Wonjin!

Real Story of Two Jaw Surgery from WONJIN!



Surgery type : Eye, Face Contour, Two Jaw


I’m so nervous just 3 days before surgery
Wow it’s already D-3 until my surgery!


It won’t be long until I can rid myself of all the painful memories I had due to my appearance. 

You see, the biggest stress in my 23 years was due to my jaw.
As a child, I gained a lot of attention for looking different, and once my jaw continued to develop during my middle school years.. that’s when I started to avoid taking pictures with friends. 
Due to my excessive malocclusion, I have digestion problems and take medicine for my gastritis even to this day. 

The reason why I opted for surgery is my job is a makeup artist and it requires me to make people look good but…I have a complex about my own appearance and subconsciously this could influence me to work poorly.

3 days

I was told swelling is worst on the 3rd day after surgery..Well, today is the day haha. I had some soymilk through a straw and went to get my teeth checked at the dental clinic. I got the inside of my mouth sanitized and got some of my lower teeth tied with my upper teeth. It was a bit uncomfortable but I felt worse because I had difficulty talking. Maybe because I was mostly concerned with my speech, I didn’t feel much pain and just focused on getting my swelling under control. When my nose got stuffy the nurse kindly cleaned out the inside of my nose and helped me breathe easier. When I told my friends I hardly felt any pain after surgery..they said it must be because I’m strong. This was a compliment, right? Hah hah 

1 week

It’s already been 1 week since my surgery. I’ve become an expert at eating porridge and taking my medicines well. I felt uncomfortable due to the fact I couldn’t wash my face properly, but today I got skin care done so I feel clean! Today was my first post op visit~~I got my mouth sanitized and checked out. The doctor told me I am healing very well and he will remove the rubber bands in about 2 days~~ After I got my mouth checked I got the stitches from my eyes removed. It stung a tiny bit and I shed a few tears? it felt like someone was pinching me;; Next, I went to get an injection to reduce swelling as well as refill on my prescription. I hope my swelling goes away soon especially beneath my chin!

1 months later
It’s already been 1 month!
 I started going back to work this week~ My lips look a bit awkward and my cheeks are still swollen, but I have no problems with everyday activities. My clients ask me if I have been getting Botox injections hehehe. I bet my swelling will go away soon because I am taking pumpkin extract religiously and receiving lymph node massages every week. I also diligently practiced mouth opening exercises and I can open my mouth wide now! Next week I will get my wafers removed and take my first post op visit to the dental clinic!! I’m so excited, yes~ I am 

3 months later

My plastic surgery story 3month's after
I got a nose job and lifting done
Wow, already 3 months after my two jaw surgery!
My bones have completely healed too~ As long as it’s not too hardcrunchy, I can eat almost anything (as long as I bring my scissors with me) hehehe. I am getting regular checkups for my braces~ The doctor told me that getting my braces checked out is a very important part of the recovery process.
I got another consultation and got my nose done as well as lifting treatment~

Now that my face has become prettier, I decided to get ready for the summer by going on a diet in earnest~ Thanks for stopping by :) see you next time!


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