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Monday, May 2, 2016

Are you afraid of thread lifting? Then, there is Belody laser lifting!

Are you afraid of thread lifting? Then, there is Belody laser lifting!
Belody laser lifting for elasticity and volume, from Wonjin Beauty Medical Group!

What is Belody Laser Lifting?

Micro vibrations type of laser stimulates the dermis with a powerful to improve skin sagginess and increase volume.  Belody laser lifting works on not just on face but also on bodyline to make it slim and beautiful.

Why Does Skin Sag as You Age?
As the skin aging process begins, the synthetic ability of collagen and elastin in the dermis fails and decreases, which the skin becomes thinner and sag.
Appropriate for those who:
-       Lost elasticity due to aging
-       Have uneven facial line due to saggy cheek and chin
-       Have stretch mark due to collagen loss
-       Have smile line and neck wrinkles
-       Wish to have V-line but afraid of surgery
-       Have no volume and saggy breast and hip
-       Are working and don’t have time for surgery and recovery
The Advantages of Belody Laser Lifting
Belody is a type of procedure that uses a laser, vibrating at 980nm diodes, to send strong waves to stimulate the skin layer and speed up regeneration of collagen and elastin so that the droopy skin area becomes lifted, and elasticity and volume is revived.
-       Skin improvement due to collagen and elastin production
-       May be applied onto the whole face and body, such as breast, hip, abdomen, and etc.
-       May be combined with another laser treatments
-       Able to get back to daily activity right away

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