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Friday, May 20, 2016

Different Types of Square Jaw Reduction Surgery for Different Face Shape

Different Types of Square Jaw Reduction Surgery for Different Face Shape


Smaller and slender face shape is preferred these days, but not everyone can live with a same face shape.  It is because every single person has their unique own characteristic and look. At Wonjin, we have various different types of square jaw reduction surgery to improve and balance the face.  It is possible with Wonjin because we are focused on how to enhance the angle, instead of getting rid of the angle and how to reduce the size the size of face.
1. Mandibular Angle Reduction (Jawline reduction)

It is a surgery to make the slender jawline by incising the jaw bone. Because the angled bone is cut precisely, it can create a soft effect when viewed from the side rather than the front
2. Cortical Reduction

The surgery reduces the thickness of the jaw bone to increase the effectiveness of slender front. By removing the outermost layer, it can promote the effectiveness when viewed from the front by reducing the thickness of the jawbone, which the width of face will become narrower.
3. T osteotomy

It is surgery when the front chin is wide and big when viewed from the fron.  It is done by fracturing front chin into “T” shape, to reduce both width and length of the chin.

4. Buccal Fat Removal

When there’s a lot fat on cheek area, the effective of surgery may be minimal even if the square jaw reduction is done.  In this case, the buccal fat removal surgery can be performed together with square jaw reduction, which is possible to reduce the bone, muscle, and fat as well.

5.  Muscle Resection

This surgery is performed when you want to get a slender effect on the front. By abstaining from masticatory muscle of the inner surface of the angled portion of the jaw, it reduces the thickness of the muscle.

6. Front Cheekbone Implant

When there is no volume under the eyes and lack of 3-dimensional look on the face the face may look bigger and dull due to protruded side cheekbone. Through the implant or fat injection, you can achieve a more three-dimensional effect and look younger.

Before and After Photos of Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

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