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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, Cell Cera Return Project

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group,
Cell Cera Return Project
Strengthen the skin in between seasons


Dietary fiber sticks on fat and helps excretion from the body. It shortens the transit time of food which helps on bowel movement. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults should take about 20 ~ 25g dietary fiber per day.
Let's find about moderately healthy food which contains dietary fiber.

Prune is well known fruit as good for constipation.
it is called prune when plum is dried less than 20% moisture and seeds are removed.
Prune contains dietary fiber of 7.23g per 100g and half of prune is a non-soluble fiber. Non-soluble fiber promotes intestine movement to facilitate bowel activity.
Dried Seaweed
Dried Seaweed contains full of dietary fiber which is about 904g per 100g. A polysaccharide in dried seaweed, which is called ‘alginate’ is a good ingredient for sodium emission.
Cabbage is contains dietary fiber of 8.1g per 100g. Raw cabbage can be sliced and served as salad with a sauce made of sesame seeds or peanut. To intake much dietary fiber, lightly boiling the cabbage is recommended. Digestive absorption rate increased more than twice when the cabbage is cooked.
Flaxseed contains 27.3g of fiber per 100g. it is also full of 'alpha-linolenic acid’, an unsaturated fatty acid. Also. It contains phytoestrogens called "lignans" menopausal women often take. You may purchase the roasted flaxseed, or self-roasted at home.
Algae such as dried seaweed contain rich dietary fiber. In the case of seasoned dried seaweed, it contains 25.2g dietary fiber per 100g. It is health ingredients which contains high protein, minerals such as calcium, and potassium.
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