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Friday, June 17, 2016

No More Worries about Swelling after Fat Injection!

  No More Worries about Swelling after Fat 


If you concern about sunken cheeks, don’t like the face line, or want to look young, fat injection is the answer to fix it.
What pops up on your head for fat grafting? Do you think fat will be injected too much and make you feel like a balloon? Well some people do wish to have that much volume, but trend for plastic surgery these days are become prettier naturally.
Patients who are interested for fat grafting ask the same questions. ‘Will my face have much swelling?’ ‘Will my face look like a balloon right after the surgery?’ unlike the surgery method before, fat grafting these days have less swelling and more natural that you can go back to every day activity right after the surgery.
Let’s find out more about the surgical method.

First we have to extract the fat from inner side of thigh area. Depending on patients’ body condition, fat may be extracted from the hips or abdomen.
You may ask if extraction of fat will have the same effect like if you have done the liposuction. The answer is no. the amount of extraction for fat grafting is not much. Fat extracted area will have scar with about one stitch which will fade away as time goes. Stitch out for this area is necessary.
We have foreigners who visit for consultation and get the surgery one the next day and depart. For patients in this case, stitch out can be done in the local clinics when they go back to their countries.
Using centrifugal separator, only the pure fat will be separated to be injected on desired area. Usually, the fat is injected on areas such as forehead, temple, under eyes, front cheekbone, cheek, and front chin. Area and amount of injection varies depending on the patients’ condition and desire.
Accurate designing before the surgery is very important. The surgeon will precisely design before the operation for the best result.
Survival rate of the fat differs for every patient. The expert’s technique and know- how at Wonjin will increase the survival rate of the fats after surgery.
Here are some photos of fat grafting before and after.

It is not a major surgery, but it can make you look younger and voluminous. Sagginess of skin will not be improved with fat grafting. In that case, we would suggest the lifting together.
As safety of patient is the first priority of Wonjin Beauty Medical Group, we have 5 anesthesia doctors and emergency medical team in residence.
Do not only consider, but inquire with any queries !



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