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Monday, June 13, 2016

What are the Precautions after Face contouring surgery?

What are the Precautions after Face contouring surgery?

What are the precautions after the face contouring surgery? First, patient’s basic physical strength is very important. Patients who are in good condition of physical strength recover faster after surgery. For those who plan to get the surgery done, or made decision, please strengthen the physical strength before the surgery by taking much protein.
Smoking may give very bad effect for recovery after surgery. Nicotine slows the recovery time after surgery and restrains the process of bone fusion. It also restrains the blood vessel creation. Therefore, smoking cigarette is prohibited for at least one month after surgery.


Let’s find out more about post-operative instructions for face contour surgery.
Swelling after Face contour Surgery

Swelling usually subsides from top to bottom. When heart is on upper side of the body, the swelling will subside faster than opposite pose. 48~72 hours right after face contouring surgery, cold ice-pack massage is helpful or swelling subsidence. Try to massage every 10 minutes to avoid frostbite. Please wear pressuring band for face for 2 days only. Taking a walk 20-30 minutes every morning and evening definitely helps than lying on bed in the room for blood circulation.

Eating after Face contour Surgery

Please take soft foods for at least 1 week after the face contouring (ex. Drinkable food soup, milk, and yogurt). Slowly eat more each day and take it every 20-30 minutes for better digestion. First week after the face contouring surgery, liquid food should be taken and normal food may be taken 2 weeks after. But for patients who have done the cheekbone reduction is suggested not to take chewy and hard food for at least 4-6 weeks after surgery.
Inside the mouth after Face contour Surgery
The good thing about face contouring surgery is that there is no visible incision after surgery. For inside the mouth incision area to be healed well without infection, gargling is very important. For first week after face contouring surgery, gargle with prescribed gargle. Then use gargle sold in the market and also with water to keep inside the mouth clean.
Pain and sense after Face contour Surgery
One thing that irritates the most after face contouring surgery is pain and numbness. It usually takes some time for swelling to subside and numbness to feel sense again. It differs by patients’ condition, but it gets better about 2-3 months after. It is normal process after face contouring surgery, so there is not much to concern regarding it.

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