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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group- Golden Ratio of the Face is the Perfection

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group-
Golden Ratio of the Face is the Perfection

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Your overall ratio will look good if you have small face even if you are short. Smooth face line is also necessary for baby face. People concern about ratio of the face and prefer V-line face shape, or egg line face shape. 3 dimensional and defined eyes, nose, and mouth defines the facial contour and also gives softer image of a person.
We usually call cheekbone and square jaw the face contour, and by using these areas, there are many surgical methods to make smaller face. Face massage and make-up which are easy to follow may make the smaller face and 3 dimensional.
Cheekbone reduction massage is massage along the cheekbone in circle and push in the cheekbone hard using thumb for 5-7 seconds. Draw circle with fingers around protruded jaw bone on square jaw and let it relax first. Then give pressure and fist massage the area.
With shadow make-up, face contour effect can be achieved for smoother and smaller face shape. But as face contour is bone related area, make-up cannot satisfy the actual effect of the surgery. In this case, we suggest the face contour surgery for the best effect.
Face contour surgery reduces the Jaw muscle and fat which improves ratio and volume of face. There are cheekbone reduction, square jaw reduction, and front chin reduction for face contouring.
WONJIN Beauty Medical Group provides high quality jaw surgery using the finest technique. Face Contouring Surgery is one of the most difficult plastic surgery and the clinic must be equipped with systemized response system in case of emergency as well as medical devices for patient’s safety and satisfaction.


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