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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Skin Care Tip: Why do we have to wear sunscreen?

Summer Skin Care Tip:
Why do we have to wear sunscreen?

It’s already a season of the hot sun and we get exhausted easily due to the heat.  Even more, our skin becomes sensitive to heat and causes various problems in our skin as the UV ray increases.  That’s why we apply a sunscreen product which is important throughout the whole seasons but especially during the summer time.

Skin care in summer is essential with sunscreen! Then why do have to apply sun cream? It is because of solar ultraviolet radiation coming right out of the sun.  Unfortunately, UV rays can cause blemishes, melasma, and skin cancer.

UV rays from the sun reach us and it can be largely divided into A and B.
Ultraviolet A is penetrate into the dermis and cause collagen destruction and can wrinkles. In addition, it induces melanin and cause deformation such as pigmentation and melasma. Ultraviolet B burns the skin and cause redness, which stimulates the epidermal cells, causing inflammation in the skin.

So now, are you considering about applying the sunscreen? However, did you know about the term indicating the sun protection factor, like SPF30 PA++?
SPF represents the block duration for UV B and PA refers to the blocking effect of UV A. It indicates the blocking duration to the next levels.  Then, let's find out how to calculate the duration of blocking.  Multiply the number next to SPF with 15~20 minutes for example, SPF 30X20 minutes equals to 600 minutes.  The sign + next to PA means the UV defense.  If there is no + sign next to PA, it means that there is no ultraviolet defense function.  Please remember to look carefully when you purchase sunscreen.

Then higher number and more + sign means better? Rather high number of sunscreen may cause dermatitis, itching, inflammation, and wrinkles by blocking the pores with chemical composition.

Sunscreen should be applied after toner and lotion and before wearing make-up.  You should apply enough basic products in order to avoid dryness when the sunscreen is applied alone.  Also, even if the number of SPF is high, it gets removes easily by sweat so it must be applied often.
Once again, please remember that applying sunscreen is very important for our skin.

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