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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

cosmetic surgery reviews - men's cosmetic surgery!

Cosmetic surgeery reviews!

Men's cosmetic surgery : 

nosejob, face contour

[ BEFORE ] Why did I get surgery?

My cheeks were seriously protruding..
but my nose wasn’t that ugly..
so why did I decide to get surgery..?
Wouldn’t any guygirl want to become more handsome and/or prettier?

3 days after
I am way too swollen... I was pretty flustered so I remember taking frequent walks and applying ice packs on my face. My nose is higher than I thought, but it’s all good. And now my cheek bones feel like they’re smaller so that is amazings

1 week after
I went for a check-up after a week. The doctor and nurses told me the surgery came out nicely. It felt good to hear that so I took another long walk and applied more ice packs on my face.

2 weeks after
At first I looked really bad but now I’m starting to look like a human again. The clinic offers free skin care service if you get facial contouring surgery, and the skin care specialist there said my swelling went down very quickly. I can see in my pictures that it’s getting smaller. Of course I still have a long way to go^^

1 months later
Everything is getting more natural and it looks like I didn’t even get surgery. My nose needs more time though. People around me say that my nose has become really natural. Hopefully the swelling will go down more..People can’t really tell if I don’t tell them about my cheek bones, but I can really spot the difference in pictures. I still need more time for the swelling to all go down. It’s making me curious.

3month's after

I think my nose is settling in. First it was too much, but now it suits me well.
My nose is unnatural and natural at the same time, in a good way. I can finally take pictures with confidence.It’s been three months now and it feels like my own nose.  The scar underneath my nose is still reddish, and my skin is sensitive. I’m just happy that I became more handsome. 

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