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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Get Younger & More Beautyful with Lifting! - "3D Tight Lifting"

Get Younger & More Beautiful with 3D Tight Lifting

Check the Effect of Wonjin’s 3D Tight Lifting?
What is Wonjin’s 3D Tight Lifting?  3D Tight Lifting is the most advanced mesh lifting, able to lift the skin tissues in 360 degrees with cylindrical type of thread and able to achieve the result right after the procedure. What is Significant about Wonjin’s 3D Lifting? 3D Tight Lifting is the world’s first cylindrical mesh lifting thread.  The result of previous lifting appeared after a while but the result of  Wonjin’s 3D Tight Lifting appears immediately.

Advantages of Mesh -Provides fundamental solution by pulling the saggy tissues from inside -Naturalness added due to natural adhesion onto tissue  Advantages of Barb -Pulls the wrinkles on the skin layers -Regenerating by stimulating the collagen, minimized the sagging

With an accurate understanding of skin tissue and 19 years of know-how, Wonjin’s lifting center is able to perform and find the lifting core point, which maximize the result of lifting by avoiding the nerve tissues.

- Direction Understanding of skin base structure and pin-pointing the fix point need to be done to pull skin tissues in right direction.  - Force The adequate amount of pulling force is needed since front cheek, jaw line, etc. all have different stretching level.- Combination The best result can be expected by a combination of several threads together for different areas.  - Skill Doctor's sophisticated and skilled technique are the most important factors for a good result Surgery Information   Duration: 20 min.  Anesthesia: Local or Deep Sleep Anesthesia if Required Hospitalization: N/A Stitch Removal: After 1 week Clinic Visits: 2 times Recovery Period: Immediate return to everyday activity Smile line, Buccal fat  -For those who wish to improve smile line and saggy cheeck at the same time Forehead, Wrinkles around the mouth -For those who look aged because of wrinkles on forehead and around the mouth Neck wrinkles and sagginess -For those who are concerned about neck wrinkles and sagginess Face contouring effect with V-line -For those who wish to make younger face line

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