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How can celebrities recover so quickly after plastic surgery? Let us enlighten you with some quick and efficient tips on the reducing swelling and quick recovery!

How can celebrities recover so quickly after plastic surgery? 
Let us enlighten you with some quick and efficient tips on the reducing swelling and quick recovery!

Did you ever wonder how celebrities, after returning from their off period, always appear to be prettier and glamorous?

Surely, they would have had some type of cosmetic procedure done but look completely natural.

Plastic surgery is no magic by all means, and it is vital to maintain a good habit of aftercare in order to obtain optimum results. As such, we will try and solve this mystery for you on how to decrease swelling quickly and recover like those celebrities.

Firstly, you must abide by all pre-surgical precautions and instructions!

You should discontinue the use of any medications related to elevating blood pressure such as diet pills, vitamin E, and herbal medicines. These medications may be of great benefit in terms of their actions in efficiently circulating blood flow, but during surgery it can lead to severe hemorrhages, thus increasing post-surgical inflammation. Consequently, in order to decrease the chances of post-surgical inflammation and swelling, patients are generally advised to discontinue these medications 1~2 weeks prior to their surgery date.

Secondly- ICE first!

Many of you may already be aware but cold therapy is extremely important and beneficial in reducing swelling after most types of surgeries. It is advisable to use ice packs for 10-15minutes per area of swelling since prolonged use of ice packs can lead to frostbite and burns.

Thirdly, it won’t go down if you keep lying around!

In other words, swelling exits the body from top to bottom through our urinary system. Therefore, it is important that you sit up-right when you can and icing whilst sitting up-right can be more effective. If you are able to walk around, early morning or late evening strolls are advised since UV ray exposure during the day can be harmful, particularly for those who had surgery to their face. Hats and other methods of sun protection are always advised.

Do you feel malnourished and nutritionally unbalanced?

After surgery, whilst prescribing you your medications, doctors will advise to you stay away from salty and spicy foods. Patients who receive eye surgeries are usually nutritionally unaffected. On the other hand, patients who undergo orthognathic surgeries (jaw surgeries), facial contour, or liposuction can be detrimentally affected without correct nutritional advice. The body’s ability to dispose fluid retention in the body decreases with poor nutritional input, thus takes longer to reduce swelling.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery stocks a multi-vitamin product called ‘FruitsMax’ to help boost our patients’ nutrition. Many patients and non-patients purchase this product for daily nutritional maintenance.

Still feeling swollen?

If you have tried all of the above and still feel swollen, we advise you to invest in swelling treatments. Many celebrities invest in specialized swelling treatments such as anti-inflammatory injections and intensive oxygen therapy. The most important period is the first two weeks post-surgery.

Treat yourself well in that time, and we hope this information helps with your recovery!


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