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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

NUT MILK RECIPE: Wonjin’s Beauty Tip to Make You More Beautiful!


Wonjin’s Beauty Tip to Make You More Beautiful!

Today, I would like to tell you about the grain milk, which is rich in savory flavors, with many good qualities such as multiple vitamins and fiber.
People who cannot drink milk can also enjoy this grain milk made with water.
The benefits of grain milk are the level of absorption is high, low in calories than milk, no cholesterol, and good for prevention of diabetes by lowering the blood cholesterol levels.  Also, it increases satiety so it is recommended as a light meal after exercise. Now, let’s find out the recipe.

01 Almond and Pecan

Ingredients: almonds or pecans (soak in water for 24 hours) 1/2 cup each, Cocoa powder 1 tsp, Date palm fruit 1 cup, Water 2 cups
Tip: Pecans have much more savory taste than almond. Soak the pecan for a while and may be added into milk.

02 Macadamia

Ingredients: Macadamia (soak in water for 24 hours), Cinnamon powder and Coconut oil 1 tsp each, Water 2 cups
Tip: Macadamia nut has a very creamy taste so cinnamon can add some refreshing flavor.

03 Pistachios

Ingredients: Pistachios (remove the shell), Barley sprout powder 1 cup, Agave syrup 1 tsp, Water 1 and 1/2 cups
Tip : Pistachios is superior in antioxidant and Barley grass powder has detoxifying result so both are excellent for women’s body.

04 Brown rice

Ingredients: Brown rice 1 cup, Dried prunes/banana 1 each, Water 2 cups
Tip: Koreans like to eat brown rice, but it’s not easy to eat raw brown rice.  Grind the dried brown rice and added into grain milk as a protein powder.

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