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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Super Foods for Your Liver - Feeling tired all the time? It's all because of your liver!

Super Foods for Your Liver - Feeling tired all the time?

It's all because of your liver!

Today’s food for thought! Let’s get educated about one of the most important internal organs, the Liver. The human body entirely works in synergy to maintain homeostasis, which inevitably keeps us healthy.
The liver is one of the most vital internal organs that work to keep this synergy. Often, you will come across a famous liver-enhancing supplement TV commercial in Korea that has a catch phrase “it’s all because of your liver”.
But what is the liver to be blamed for? What are the fundamental functions of the liver, and what foods do we need to take in to protect our liver? Let’s find out.

1. Functions of the liver:

Our body’s main source of energy comes from the liver. The liver stores energy in a form called glycogen, and when the body requires energy, the liver processes the glycogen to produce glucose, our main source of fuel. It also produces one of the most important proteins in our body called Albumin. Albumin binds important hormones, bilirubin, fatty acids (such as cholesterol), pharmaceutical elements, and water. It circulates in our blood and is responsible for the regulation of colloidal osmotic pressure of blood.

Another extremely important function of the liver is detoxification. It acts as a filter to deactivate harmful toxins from the foods that we consume, and allows for excretion out of the body through urine and feces. Furthermore, toxins from alcohol consumption, drug substances, and toxins generated by stress causes the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which is detrimental to our health.

This is why the liver’s functionality diminishes when we are stressed, and thus it is important not to consume alcohol or drugs during stressful times.
There are many other important functions of the liver such as, breakdown of hormones, metabolism, secretion of bile into the gall bladder, breakdown of fats, and responsible for immune response to foreign harms such as bacteria and viruses.

2. Protect thou liver! Super foods for the liver

Someone with poor liver functions or liver disease is likely to bruise very easily and often characterized by their inflamed gums in their oral cavity. This is due to decreased blood plasma albumin levels, being unable to breakdown blood clots. Moreover, liver dysfunction can cause someone to constantly feel tired and lethargic.
As you have now been alerted to the importance of a healthy liver, let’s talk about ways to maintain one. Eating a balanced diet is significant, but it is hard to uphold the nutritional requirements of our body due to our busy daily lives.

Consuming a balance of proteins from our meat, abundant amount of vegetables, and regular hydration is a difficult task. Thus, the best solution for a healthy liver is to consume less alcohol (or none at all), and decrease the amount of sodium in our diet.

Mushrooms, arrowroots, Cassia Tora Linne tea, oriental raisin tea, dandelion tea, and chives are some of the most recommended foods for liver health. Chives, in particular, are also known as ‘protector of the liver’ by Korean morals as it helps with the breakdown of fat molecules.

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