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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Water Sports in Korea !

Water Sports Korea!

Hello everyone! How are you dealing with the heat?
The long spll of heat waves has hit us much earlier this year than the last, and it’s spitefully disrupting our much needed sleep. In today’s blog, we will introduce you to some leisure activities and water sports that Koreans enjoy, and hopefully you’ll feel slightly cooled down just by reading up on this information.
If you follow the Han River up-stream, there are two extremely popular destinations where you can enjoy water sports near Seoul, Gapyeong and Yangpyeong.

You’ll be able to find plenty of information on the internet when you search for “water sports in Korea”.

Once you’ve booked in with a water sports & leisure agency, take the Gyeongchun Line to Gapyeong Station. Most agencies offer free pick-up services upon your arrival. There are various water activities to enjoy in Korea, and we’ll introduce you to some of them below.

1. Water Ski & Wakeboarding:
At first, a short lesson on basic techniques will be given to you, and then you’ll be taken out onto the water. First time skiers and wake boarders may find it extremely difficult to even set yourself above the water. You will definitely feel hydrated after drinking so much water! Just imagine yourself being the person in the picture below!

2. Peanut Boat:
Cool down this summer, as you can enjoy high speeds on this 2 or 4 seater peanut tube.

3. Flying Fish :
The ‘Flying Fish’ is an ultimate thrill ride that will blow your summer woes away. With extreme speed, the tube gets lifted off the water surface into airspace

4. Banana Boat : It’s another thrill ride where sharp corners will be your nemesis as you try to hold onto the boat without falling in the water. You can hold on all you like, because you won’t be leaving dry.

5. Water Park : 
You will be entitled to unlimited access to the water park obstacle course if you purchase a ‘package deal’ that most agencies offer.

Sweltering summer!
Don’t just rely on your air-conditioner. Set yourself free and cool down at Gapyeong or Yangpyeong this summer with water sports and activities!

Hope you enjoy the rest of summer!

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