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Korean traditional food that cannot be missed on Korean national holidays

Scorching heat has been disappeared into nowhere and there’s already cold autumn wind when it’s only early September.
It feels great somehow by just looking up the sky because it is so beautiful and clear may because of the wind.
There’s one other great thing on September which is…… Chuseok, Korean national holiday is coming!
We will definitely fail on diet during golden week! And there would be variety of foods as whole family gathers together, right?

Then we will have a look into the type of Chuseok food that people will be looking forward!

Food that comes in mind when we hear the word Chuseok!
Number one!

Songpyeon (half-moon-shaped rice cake)

Wouldn’t it be SongpyeonSongpyeon is one of food that cannot be missed on Chuseok. Our ancestor said that person who makes pretty Songpyeon can have child as pretty as the SongpyeonSongpyeon that is delicious and sincerely prepared, the sweetness that fills up our mouth as soon as we have a bite!

Aren’t you curious about the inside of Songpyeon? It’s pretty simpler than you are expecting. It is varied according to individual’s taste or the region, but usually the fillings of Songpyeon are sesame seeds, sugar, white bean powder or sometimes red beans or sweet pumpkin. They look so delicious while they are so colorful! It’s possible to have variety of colors of Songpyeon and the most usual colors are white, pink, yellow and green. How about making sweet and tasty Songpyeon with whole family?

Food that comes in mind when we hear the word Chuseok!
Number two!

Jeon (Korean pancake)

During Chuseok, we often have memorial service. There is one thing that cannot be missed on memorial service table, which is assorted Jeon! I remember myself waking up early because of the Jeon smell. There is a Korean style meat ball that children love, and Pollack Jeon, pumpkin Jeon, meat Jeon and even Jeon skewers sometime.

Then you might be thinking, ‘Don’t you need so many ingredients to make Jeon, then?’ I will tell you what we need to make Jeon. It’s very simple! You need egg, pan frying powder (Korean pancake mix), meat ball ingredients, pumpkin, Pollack, and so on. How is it? Isn’t this simple?
I hope you can enjoy Jeon, that children and adults both love, during this Chuseok!

Food that comes in mind when we hear the word Chuseok!
Number three!

Seasoned vegetables

In Korea, variety of foods are developed in different regions using seasonal vegetables, and I think the most classic side dish that cannot be missed both on our daily meal and national holiday is, seasoned vegetables. It might look easy to be cooked; however I think that it is mother’s hand that makes seasoned vegetables tasty.

It seems like fresh housewives have to take extra care while cooking as the cooking method is pretty fastidious. Then which seasoned vegetables would be represented as Chuseok food?

People usually have 3 colored seasoned vegetables during Chuseok, which are seasoned balloon flower, seasoned bracken, and seasoned spinach. Balloon flower is good for our body during cold autumn and winter because of it is enriched with component called saponin, which is good for short breath symptom, coughing, asthma, phlegm or even cold symptoms. Spinach and bracken are good for diet and even helps to reduce swelling by stimulating urine extraction. Let’s promise that we will be having some seasoned vegetables at least once~

Food that comes in mind when we hear the word Chuseok!
Number four!


Have you been preparing Chuseok gift? There are varieties of Chuseok gift merchandises at shopping mall or department store in Korea. Especially apple and pear are tasty and nutritional Chuseok food! They have to be on the memorial ceremony table and our mothers always prepare them as dessert after heavy meal. Would these two fruits are only just delicious? How can pear and apple effect on our body?

It’s even more delicious if you know what it does! Firstly, pears grown in Korea have saponin, which helps on relieving many symptoms such as flu symptoms, phlegm, and so on just like balloon flower. Adults usually enjoy drinking when family gathers together, and pear is very effective on relieving hangover because it is composed with more than 85% of water.

Apple also contains various useful components which are helpful on diabetes prevention, fatigue solution, anemia improvement and even skin care. Take a good rest during this Chuseok, and stay healthy by eating tons of pear and apple!

Food that comes in mind when we hear the word Chuseok!

Finally… Number five!

Sikhye (Sweet rice drink)

We definitely need something to drink apart from delicious foods for digestion, right? I introduce Korean traditional beverage, Sikhye!

Sikhye is a sweet rice drink that is traditional. During the production of Sikhye, ingredients such as malt, cold cooked rice, sugar and possibly licorice or date depending on individual’s taste. It is good for preventing constipation by stimulating intestine activity. It also helps to prevent different types of lifestyle diseases including arteriosclerosis by excreting cholesterol in our body. Don’t you think that you will have to drink a cup of Sikhye after having Chuseok food for digestion?

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