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Let’s become prettier during Golden Week!

It seems like many people are happy to take a rest after busy days, and looking forward enjoyable family gathering in Korea.

Especially this year’s Chuseok (Korean Thanks Giving days) is on Wednesday to Friday which gives you 5 days of holidays including following Saturday and Sunday.
There are many Koreans who decide to go on travel during this golden week, and there are many people who get plastic surgery as well.

Usually people who have to work during weekdays visits plastic surgery clinic during golden week, however there might be some stitches left or swellings remaining after 5 days, which would make it so obvious that person had plastic surgery.
For those of you who are worried about that, we will introduce you about petite plastic surgery which is non-surgical methods that can improve your profile!

Majority of people would think about filler and botox when they hear ‘petite surgery’. Those are very popular; however they still require experienced specialist’s skill even though they look really simple.

There are different types of fillers according to their lasting period and components, including fillers that last about 6 months and semi-permanent fillers that last more than ten years. Filler injection requires thorough designing and experienced skill as the skin layer of injection is different according to the filler particle’s size and contents.
Botox is effective on stretching wrinkles on the face, square jaw reduction and calf reduction due to its function that paralyzes selective muscles unlike filler which fills up sunken area and.

Botox is a short term for botulinum toxin A that is a neurotoxin. When inserted in the muscle, this toxin blocks nerves from transferring to immobilize movement for a certain period of time. It has effect of square jaw reduction and Calf reduction based on its principle.

Since the result of Botox is drawn from paralyzing muscle, it is critically important for the procedure to be based on accurate designing and has to be performed by experienced specialist. Also Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic performs filler and botox procedures based on strict use of authentic products in accurate dosage, which eliminates concerns that come up in people’s mind when they hear the word ‘petite surgery’ such as the side effects coming from the use of illegal injection.

I will also introduce other method that can improve on our appearance without surgery, apart from well-known fillers or botox.

It’s time for us to wear thicker clothes to cover up our body shape as it’s getting cold, however we already know that the knitwear we wear during autumn shows up our body shape nakedly, don’t we?

I have a great news for busy bees who’s been thinking that liposuction is scary or too much, or for those who don’t have enough time for exercise or found it less effective.

There is a laser treatment which can eliminate cellulite which disrupts our perfect style of dressing, and the name for this laser treatment is Tenor High Frequency Laser.

Wonjin Plastic Surgery Clinic’s Tenor High Frequency laser is a high frequency laser which was approved by FDA in 2002, which performs deep tissue heating to the deep dermis and sub dermal layers stimulating collagen formation and enhancing the disintegration of fats. This treatment is preferred among office workers as the treatment is done it short period of time which is about 30-40 minutes with almost no pain.

Besides Tenor High Frequency laser treatment, Wonjin Platic Surgery Clinic also performs Cool Thera laser treatment which is a cutting-edge technology of lipolysis therapy by freezing fat cells at a very low temperature.
It is possible to complete supple body shape without saggy skin within short treatment time (45 minutes) by removing fats on desired area without pain.

Today we’ve found some ways to become prettier without surgery during short period of time.

However it’s easy to be dissatisfied with your result without high-technology equipment and experienced specialist’s performance even though these procedures look easy.

Thus, wouldn’t it be important to get these procedures at a clinic that is well equipped with high technology equipment and the best medical staffs?

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