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Let’s change our life by getting rhinoplasty at Wonjin!

Nose is located in the center of face. It is a structure that starts from forehead, gets slightly dented on nasion, and gets protruded again to form a nose bridge, then forms nose tip and columella nasi underneath, and connects to upper lips after passing philtrum.  Nose deals with respiration, vocalization and olfactory sense. So we have to be very careful of our important nose during rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty(nose job)? Are there multiple types?

Individual’s nose shape is all different, so we can divide them into different types. There are low nose bridge, hooked nose, blunt nose, long nose, wide nose bridge, and so on. There will be no worry if you have beautifully shaped nose, but you may lose self-esteem if you feel insecurity about your unsatisfactory nose shape. This can get you stressed throughout the days. Especially if your nose is curved or too short, you may look less trustworthy. You can be confident in front of people if you have pretty nose shape.

Why do you have to get rhinoplasty at Wonjin? Type of rhinoplasty.

Wonjin has co-operative treatment system by surgeons with different specialties, exclusive 1:1 Anesthesia, numerous surgical experience, thorough after-care service and full-service and personalized care system.

[Co-operative Treatment System by Surgeons with Different Specialties]
  • Co-operative Treatment system by surgeons with different specialties is a high-tech safety supervision system that ensures patient’s safety and surgery’s accuracy in any sort of emergency situation.
  • Know-hows coming from 21 years of numerous surgical experiences.
  • You can bluff on the surgeon’s skill, but you cannot do so on the surgeon’s career.
  • Safety proved through surgeries done on variety of cases. Shortened surgery duration with rich surgical experience and know-hows. Exclusive 1:1 anesthesia system that plans surgery through ergonomic analysis such as examination on facial structure, nose’s structure and tissue structure.
  • Anesthesiologists take care and responsibility of patient’s safety from the beginning of the surgery till the end of recovery. Clinical pathology department to proceed 30 different examinations.

[Personalized system]
Wonjin operates advanced service for our patients:
  • Exclusive treatment room for comfortable post-surgery outpatient treatment.
  • Personalized swelling treatment system based on thorough medical examination
  • 1:1 management from consultation before surgery to post-surgery care
  • Interpreting service for international patients in multiple languages-English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese and Mongolian.
  • 24 hour call center to solve patient’s concern and curiosity after surgery

Let’s be careful about these before rhinoplasty!
How do we prepare before rhinoplasty?
[Before surgery]
  • Stop taking the medicines that disturb hemorrhage control (birth control pills, hormone drugs, vitamin E, and aspirin) at least 2 weeks before the surgery. Notify the consultant and the surgeon if you are under treatment of hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and thyroids.
  • Stop smoking cigarettes at least 3 days before the surgery and notify the consultant and the surgeon if you have cold to check your respiratory system.
  • Taking shower with mild type soap on the day of surgery is recommended and remove contact lenses, jewelry, accessories, nail polish, and make-up before coming to the clinic.
  • Do not eat or drink (including candy, gum, and water) 4 hours before the surgery (8 hours for general anesthesia).
  • Prepare comfortable clothes (hoodie or button down shirt), mask, scarf, cap, and sunglasses. It is hard to drive after the surgery, so please come with the guardian.

How do we take care of our nose after surgery?
[After surgery]
  • You should never touch surgical area after surgery.
  • You may experience nose bleeding about 1~2 days after surgery, so just gently wipe out outer surface area.
  • For about a month, avoid wearing sunglasses or glasses for about a month and you must stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Pain after surgery doesn’t last too long (lasts about 1~7days) but this can be different on individuals.
  • It’s good for you to use ice pack on the day of surgery and a day after surgery to reduce swelling.
  • It’s good to sleep with 2~3 soft pillows after surgery which helps to reduce pain and swelling.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for about a month and for 2~3 weeks, avoid hard exercise as well.

We, at Wonjin, will regain your confidence by making satisfying nose shape through friendly 1:1 consultation and thorough pre-operative examination with the latest equipment, for you to never be concerned about your nose anymore.

Let’s get rhinoplasty at Wonjin plastic surgery clinic, and start new entertaining life!

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