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Male Rhinoplasty Real Review-Plus on Self-confidence with rhinoplasty!

Before surgery

My round nose tip and humped nose bridge were always the biggest concern for me as I am interested in good appearance and style.

Then I got to know Wonjin plastic surgery clinic by chance and made a huge decision to get plastic surgery.

I actually had so many concerns before surgery but I thought that it’s not a shame to get a plastic surgery so I don’t have to hide it as well.

So I even made an appointment for my surgery.

I believe everything will go fabulous without any side effects!

3 days after surgery

Today is the 3rd day after surgery. I really don’t want to look into mirror…….

I’m not sure if my swelling is worse than others or not, but it feels like I’ve gained at least 20kg just on my face as my face is all swollen.

I’ve visited the clinic today and removed the cotton inside my nose.

Last 3 days were very uncomfortable as I couldn’t breathe properly because of that cotton, but I feel so much more comfortable without that cotton. Instead, it is a little annoying as I have to wipe my nose so often because of runny nose.

My friends who got plastic surgery before said that it’s the hardest and most swollen day on 2~3rd day after surgery, and I think today is that day.

I think I can get along with rest of 4 days as the swelling will start to subside and less tiring.

Oh, I started to eat rice instead of porridge from yesterday.

I’ve been consuming pumpkin soup and pumpkin juice a lot as I’ve heard that they are good for getting rid of swelling. But I became so sick of them and wanted to have different foods.

So I finally got to have normal meal from this morning.

My left side of face is more swollen than my right side. So I think I will focus more on my right side when I use ice pack.

Then I will finish up my 3rd day review here~~

7 days after surgery

Today is a week after surgery.

I visited Wonjin plastic surgery clinic happily as I will get my sprint removed. I woke up early in the morning today.

Before going on an elevator, I thought I will be able to meet up with my friends to have coffee and meal normally while I was taking selfie.

But that was my big misunderstanding.

My nose was extremely swollen, and I even regretted about surgery because I was so disappointed when I looked into mirror. I thought that was my final result.

It was a fortune that my swelling will still subside when the nurse told me that I have to wait for few more weeks for all swellings to subside as an answer for my question.

In fact it is so normal for my nose to be swollen as I’ve got rhinoplasty, but I was just thinking that my nose won’t be swollen because it was hidden under the splint.

Everyone around me who had plastic surgery before me thought this is so normal and told me to wait.

I realized that my side profile looks really nice while I took 20 photos of myself when I got home.

But I’m still nervous to take photo of my frontal profile…

I’m not sure if I’m writing review well enough when this is my 3rd review.

I hope I can go back to my daily routine after 2~3 weeks if the swelling subsides quickly.

Then I will finish my ‘1 week after surgery review’ here.

2 weeks after surgery.

2 weeks went past already.

I think it was my best choice to get rhinoplasty as getting in to the 2nd week of post-surgery.

People around me tells me that I look more handsome although I haven’t changed much, and even my parents who opposed surgery at first, said that I look so much better. I am very satisfied as well so I even take selfies sometime when I refused to take photos before surgery.

I started to go to school again as major swellings subsided, and meet up with friends normally.

I hope I get better and look more natural as time goes by.

A month after surgery

It’s been a month after surgery today. A month has finally passed.

I’m very satisfied as I can see my appearance is improving as the swelling is subsiding and i could meet up with my friends from 2 weeks after surgery.

I heard many of my friends telling me that my surgery went so well considering it’s only been a month, but there are few others who said that they don’t really see the difference.

I was especially stressed today as I didn’t get enough sleep recently which caused extreme skin problem, so I had hard time taking photos.

So I took all of my photos from right side.

It was really tiring as I don’t take photos normally, but I had to take 20 photos in a day.
But I tried my best and I even got changed during photo taking.

I really got used to my nose as it doesn’t hurt at all.

I don’t feel uncomfortable at all while I was washing my face.

Of course it didn’t really hurt before, but it became a lot comfortable when I had to be extra careful before.

I hope the swelling subsides as much as I expect when it his 2 months and then 3 months.

I hope it becomes a little slimmer.


This is a real review of Wonjin's model, Hong Jun-gi. 
He was so satisfied with his change through rhinoplasty and
even wrote some diary entries to share his experience.

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