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Friday, October 14, 2016

5 healthy habits to get away from cold during change of seasons!

It is easier to catch cold during the change of seasons due to the large daily temperature range. Cold is an annoying visitor. We cannot just ignore cold even though it isn’t something that is too serious. We have to pay extra care on cold as it bothers our daily routine.

Actually, cold is really easy to prevent if we pay a little more attention.
Thus I will introduce 6 healthy daily habits below that could prevent cold during the change of seasons

1.     Drink hot tea

Ginger tea, black tea or quince tea would be good. Ginger can warm our body up and reduces in phlegm and coughing. Quince tea is especially good for coughing and black tea helps to warm our body up as well.

2.     Consume lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables

It is helpful to prevent cold if you consume seasonal fruits that come out during fall such as pear or persimmon.

Try to eat less summer fruits as it can bring your immune system down because they make our body cold. It is good to consume radish and balloon flower is good for people who catch cold on their throat often due to their week respiratory system.

3.     Bring thin outer with you all the time

Daily temperature range becomes larger at the start of fall and the temperature difference between morning/evening and afternoon becomes more than 10 often. There are buildings that even turn on the air conditioner as well. It’s good to take your outer out and wear it when you feel little cold as temperature range is not good for our body.

4.      Take care of your bedroom

It still feels like we are in the summer and we tend to open our windows when we are sleeping just like we did in summer without noticing summer had gone already.
There is high chance of catching cold if you are exposed to cold atmosphere while you are sleeping. Make sure your windows are not opened too much before you go to sleep and put blanket on while you are sleeping!

5.      Try to have moderated life style

Overwork or overdrinking deteriorates our immunity. The chance of catching cold increases even more if your immunity level falls when it’s already perfect condition to catch cold due to large daily temperature range. Thus it is ideal for you to go home early and read some books as fall is a season of reading.

6.      Strengthen your immune system by consuming vitamin

Foods that are rich in vitamin can prevent cold as it is helpful on our immunity.

Vitamin C is one of microelements to maintain health and our body function which is also called as Ascorbic Acid. It helps to maintain healthy body tissue while healing wounds and fighting from infection.

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