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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dietary management! Diet tip

Many people are on diet to have good body shape or for their health, and this doesn’t only apply on women, but also men. Obesity isn’t something that meets our standard of beauty and it is also not good for our health. Thus it is good to have dietary management as a habit during daily life as well. Sometimes people overeat due to the stress coming from eating less for a long time, harsh dietary management or wrong one-food consuming diet.

I will introduce the way to maintain dietary management continuously while preventing overeating.

Dietary management tip 1 – Avoid spicy and salty food!

There’s high chance of obesity when the sodium intake amount is higher. It’s ideal to avoid spicy and salty food as they make you look for sweets as it stimulates palate which leads to overeating. It is also good to excrete sodium from our body quickly by consuming plain milk or banana after eating salty foods.

Dietary management tip 2 – Eat slowly!

You will eat more if you eat faster. It is possible to prevent obesity if you eat slower as our brain starts to feel full after 15 minutes of eating. It is also great on our health as it is helpful on digestion.

Dietary management tip 3 – Drink heaps of water!

Hunger gets worse when you are thirsty and there is a research proving that our body gets the lack of water as hunger as well. Thus we may have snacks often because we sometimes get confused ‘thirst’ with hunger. Drinking heaps of water also takes a key role because it helps on the excretion of the wastes in our body.

Dietary management tip 4 – Never eat after 7PM!

It is ideal to abstain from eating late at night, and sleep at least 3 hours after food consuming even if you ate something. Most of people think that eating late at night puts on weight, however not all kinds of food put on weight. It is even better for your health if you choose food that is well digested and avoid carbohydrate.

Dietary management tip 5 – Eat breakfast!

There’s research proving that people who have breakfast have less obesity rate compare to people who don’t have breakfast. Having breakfast makes our day active and our brain healthy. From 6 to 9 in the morning is the time where that day’s basal metabolic rate is decided. Thus our body refuses to excrete all day long if there is no food intake during this time. Thus there will be less chance of overeating if you have breakfast in the morning.

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