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Healthy habit to prevent hair loss and hair loss treatments

There are many stylish people who change their hair style including changing their hair colors just like going for a shopping when the season changes. However it won’t be as pretty as other people when there is less hair or some area of hair loss even when you have pretty hair style.

The cause of hair loss is known to be genetic, however hair loss could happen acquired. Many people are aware that this is due to our hormone; however hair loss is an indicator of our nutrition and health status. Thus we have to get medical checkup when the hair loss occurs to see if our health status is okay.

The best way to slow down on the progression of hair loss is to take care and get treated continuously. So today, we will have a look at the way to slow down on hair loss, hair loss prevention and finally, how to treat on the hair loss that has already occurred.

1.     Hair Loss prevention - Live a well regulated life!

It is important to have regular three meals a day including foods that are good for hair. The foods good on hair are high in proteins such as mackerel and black beans, high in iron such as egg yolk and spinach, and high in vitamin such as walnut and green tea. Especially, consuming vitamin enriched food can be helpful on the Alopecia areata (partial hair loss) that is most popular case of hair loss.

It is good to limit on oily food or meat based meal as they could get hair loss worse because these foods have negative effect on the blood circulation. Also it is ideal to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarette as they make bad influence on the blood circulation as well.

Eating well is important, however having regular and deep sleep is also important as well. Just like there is a peak time for growth of children, hairs also grow well during 10PM to 2AM when the cell regeneration is active. Thus having a deep sleep during this time can be helpful on hair growth.

2.     Hair Loss prevention - Avoid irritation!

There are many people who would prefer to wash their hair in the morning for fresh start of the day; however this habit washes out the good protecting layer of our scalp that is formed while we were sleeping, which makes it easier for the scalp to be exposed to strong irritation such as UV rays. Thus it is ideal to shampoo our hair at night before we go to sleep. We also have to rinse our hair thoroughly after using shampoo as it is not good for the hair products such as shampoo to be remained on our scalp.

No matter how well you rinse your hair; there are some hair products that will still leave some reserves after the usage and they usually have great cleansing ability. So you might be thinking that these products will be helpful on hair loss because they can remove the waste and sebum on your scalp, however this could irritate our scalp even more as they are hardly rinsed off.
Thus it is important to choose a shampoo without too much chemical that could clean waste and sebum away with components that could prevent hair loss. WONJIN’s Dr. Jin hair care products fulfill this as they were developed based on various researches on hair loss conducted by WONJIN’s medical team. It is possible to have healthy and clean scalp and hair as the hair products are made without nine chemical components that cause irritation on scalp such as paraben, and added natural and oriental ingredients good for hair loss and scalp health including ginseng, seaweed, licorice, iris, and so on.

Apart from shampoo and conditioner, they have also developed nutritive products such as toner, ampoule and treatment for people who still cannot give up on hair color and other procedures which damages the hair.

3.     Is it too late for the prevention? - Hair loss treatments

It is very controversial on the hair loss treatment method; however there is no definite hair loss treatment method currently. Hair loss could lead to the loss in self-esteem as it effects on our appearance, thus it is important to get suitable treatment such as hair transplant before the hair loss gets worse and increases in its size.

There might be some people who are worried after reading through the reviews that they have experienced hair loss again because the new hair follicle transplanted were about to experience hair loss anyways. However, at WONJIN, it is possible to perform hair transplant with health hair follicle by diagnosing hair follicle with ultrasonic scalp diagnotor. Also they have increased on the transplanted hair follicle’s survival rate by high pressure oxygen treatment and longtime preservation liquid.

Photo above was provided by WONJIN BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP

If you are concerned about hair loss that is already in progress, consult at WONJIN.

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