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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Making pretty lips! Let’s have volume on our lips~

You may have heard about nose filler and love band filler many times. There will be many people, who are wondering if it is possible to get filler injected on lips as well, and it is possible to get filler injected on lips and even botox injection is possible around lips. Many of you will already be aware about filler and botox’s advantages, which is that it is very effective considering its price. Many people get filler and botox.

If you are concerned about thin lips, it could be improved by just simple procedure. You could thicken your lips by injecting 1 cc of fillers on each side of your lips. Since there is case of uneven lips, there could be a significant improvement just by injecting filler on one side. It is possible to complete on pretty lips according to each individual’s face as everyone’s lips are different!

We also recommend lips filler to people who always look angry or sad because of lower mouth corner. Also people who have tilted lips due to asymmetric lips could improve on their impression by lip filler injection. Designated filler injection on lips or botox injection around lips could improve on lips asymmetry. You have to choose medical team which has rich experience on the procedure even though filler and botox are very simple procedure. Since it’s injection on your face, it is important to design pretty lips that are suitable for your face before injection.

We inject filler that has the smallest particles in order to make pretty lips as lips are very sensitive part. It needs great skill during injection as well because the soft and natural texture has to be remained while the volume is increased. This procedure is even possible to get during lunch break as this finishes within 10 minutes after applying anesthetic cream.

After lip filler injection, it is ideal to avoid sauna for about a week and it is good to quit smoking and drinking. Please avoid on irritating lips for a week as the filler was injected right on your lips. There is no discomfort during daily routing as there is almost no bruising or swelling.

How about having beautiful lips by filler that is 
relatively simple compare to other surgeries?

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