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What is PRP injection?

We have introduced PRP fat grafting last time and today, we will look into more details.

What is PRP injection?

PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) is concentration of blood that contains much platelets..

Thus PRP treatments are the methods of improving aged skin that stimulates collagen and elastic tissue regeneration by injecting the patients’ own blood enriched with platelets.

It’s getting popular worldwide including Japan that was interested in PRP long time ago already.

PRP injection production!

In order to produce PRP, we have to extract the patient’s blood and use Centrifugation filtration method in steady speed and time to divide the blood into three layers, platelet poor plasma, buffy coat (PRP) and the red blood cells.

The amount of blood to be extracted and the time taking for the centrifugation filtration is different according to the type or manufacturer of kit, however the final amount of PRP is about 5~7ml on most of kits.

During blood extraction, thick needles (about 18 gages) are used to avoid irritation or damage on platelets and the kit includes anticoagulation citrate dextrose-A (ACD-A) solution to avoid coagulation.

PRP injection’s effect!

The principle of PRP treatment is that it regenerates skin and produces protein that makes skin younger by activating inner skin tissue’s collagen cell, arteries cell and stem cells with PRP injection.

Thus PRP treatments have been used actively for faster recovery after surgery or fracture at orthopedics, dentists and surgery department.

PRP is usually injected directly on to the desired area such as less elastic part or can scars, or it also gets used by applying on skin after laser treatments like fraxel.

The activated platelet encourages stem cell’s differentiation and forms elastic tissue cells such as collagen or elastin. These newly formed elastic cells differentiate and grow to help on the skin regeneration.

When PRP is injected on the scalp, it regenerates scalp and forms new hair follicle cells which could encourage hair growth that could be used for hair loss treatment.

PRP treatments that use collagen or elastin which is effective for skin regeneration is an injection treatment that is similar to botox or filler and has short treatment time and is relatively simple.

Usually the effect of treatment appears after 2 weeks however this could be different according to person and one treatment lasts up to 1~2 years.

Also, it could be used for broad range of treatments with massive synergy effects, such as PRP+Laser, PRP+RF, PRP+Fat Injection.

There is no need for after care and it is possible for the patient to wash their face or take shower on the day of treatment that has almost no discomfort through their daily life which is one of the advantages.


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