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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Winter skin care! Moist skin without dryness! Good tip!

Hello! I have been wishing for the hot summer to go away as soon as possible and it’s already winter without noticing. I don’t feel well may because of the cold air and my skin is especially very bad.

I am pretty sure that you are not sure what to do with your skin because it’s sweaty during summer and dry during winter, right?

So today, I will introduce a good tip to get celebrity’s skin from your dried skin.

Firstly, you may think of lip balm if you try to pick the survival kit for winter. Your lips become dry and get so much flakes and it may even bleed if you don’t care about it as the thin skin layer on your lips could actually split apart.

So lip care is essential! Peeling on your lips is also important!

If I tell you the simplest way to treat on your lips, firstly you may go to the nearest pharmacies or convenience stores and buy Vaseline and apply generous amount on your lips. If you don’t have one, you could replace Vaseline with honey.

And then put cling wrap on your lips, wait for 5~10 minutes and wipe out Vaseline or honey. Finally, apply lip balm to maintain the moisture!

Do you see how simple it is? You don’t have to moisten at your rough lips anymore!

For next, I will introduce real skin care that you could do at home. Mask pack is the answer for moisturizing care as expected! The hottest item these days!

WONJIN’s Water Bomb Mask Pack that all of instagram stars are using!

I have used so many mask packs before but I think Water Bomb mask pack is the best out of those! You will feel the dryness during winter by the stretching feeling on your skin. Use steam towel to open y our pores up and use Water Bomb for 15~20 minutes and you will become like… OMG aren’t you Hye Gyo Song who has the prettiest skin?!
You can moisturize your dry skin! If you use it you will be able to see moist skin that is almost beautiful as the celebrities’!

Our body is composed with more than 60% of water. So you cannot fill up the moisture in your body no matter what you apply on your face and the number of hours that you sit in a hot bath. It is ideal for you to have adequate amount of water not only for the skin, but for your whole body.

It is ideal to drink more than 2L of water a day. It is especially better for you to drink water more often during winter as our water usage could increase due to the increased metabolism rate.

Let’s go and drink a cup of water after using WONJIN’s Water Bomb Mask Pack!

You would have been expecting warm sweet home after you finish your work, but the reality is that it feels like you are in Siberia!

You will turn the heater up then!

However, dry skin could also occur due to environmental factor.

Your skin will improve a lot if you could fill in moisture into the surrounding air.

It is essential to manage on the environmental moisture level as you could also prevent cold by turning on the humidifier or hanging up wet towels.

Finally, skin gets affected a lot by hormone in our body. Invest at least 8 hours a day for sleep to have healthy life and skin.

People who don’t get enough sleep tend to have their skin worsened.

You already know that the beauty sleep is important!!!

I hope these tips could help you a lot during this winter!

Make sure to maintain on your health as well!

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