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Let’s live healthy with black food!

Most of people are already aware about ‘black food’ which was a massive boom between people in these days who are interested in healthy life.

Black colored foods encourage kidney function as well as improving on the reproductive system.

The pigment called ‘anthocyanin’ that is enriched in black colored foods, builds up on antioxidative ability in our body as well as preventing various diseases.

Even in Chinese medicine, black colored foods are known as foods that improves on kidney functioning which is related to the body’s fundamental energy, as well as improving on one’s condition.

‘Black bean’ that is enriched with components that prevents aging and cancer

According to Donguibogam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine), beans are non-poisonous food that protects five organs and warms up on intestine.

Black bean has almost same effect to medicine, including detoxification, nerve sedation and blood circulation improvement.

Black bean is enriched in protein, vegetable fats, vitamin B1 and B2, and niacin. Black bean has more anticancer and anti-aging component compare to yellow colored beans.
Black bean is also good for hypertension and artery hardening because of its effect of detoxification and blood circulation encouragement.

It is ideal to eat beans when they are cooked because raw beans can lead to indigestion or diarrhea. Since bean is Coolingfood, if you are a person who gets diarrhea often due to weak digestive system, try not to eat too much beans.

‘Black sesame’ that is good for hair loss and skin

Black sesame is enriched with digestive enzymes and fat which sooths our stomach, and is good for hair loss or sand-blindness caused by the weakness of kidney. It also has effect of soothing our skin as well as encourages on breast feeding.

If you have stomachache or constipation, try to have some seasoned vegetable that is seasoned with black sesame oil.

Black sesame is also enriched with karatin that prevents hair loss and makes our hair healthier.

‘Black rice’ that is better than white rice on the taste, nutrition and scent

Black rice is tastier and more nutritional than usual white rice which even makes it called ‘longevity rice’ or ‘medicine rice’.

Black rice that is cooked with chestnut, jujube and gingko tastes very delicious and nutritional.

It also encourages on appetite as it is more glutinous and delicious when it is cooked.
Black rice is also good ingredient for weaning food on both taste and nutritional wise when it is cooked with other grains.

‘Kelp’ that is effective on constipation and obesity

According to Chinese medicine, kelp is good for the replenishment of blood, constipation and other diseases as well as controlling thyroid function.

Kelp, an outstanding alkaline food, can protect our body from becoming acidic if it is consumed with meats or rice that is acidic food.

If you consume one spoon of kelp powder (10g) every day, it is helpful on constipation and obesity as it controls our stomach activity.

‘Mushroom’ that is good for anti-aging

Mushroom has advantages of both vegetables and meats as it contains rich minerals and proteins.

It also prevents on artery hardening and hypertension by its rich vitamin and low calorie.
Mushroom is also outstanding on formation of immunity against cancer, anti-aging and metabolism encouragement. Mushroom also protects our body from becoming acidic as it is alkaline food.

Shiitake is good for blood circulation, insomnia, stomach, and so on.
Black mushroom is good for the treatment of anemia before and after maternity due to its rich iron and potassium.


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