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Two Jaw Surgery Review! What’s two jaw surgery for me?

"Two jaw surgery for me! It was a luck to change my appearance and life but it was such a big surgery It still feels like a dream that I had surgery and fixed on my concern as well as being confident every where… "

[D-5] My jaw that was killing me for 20 years!!!
I will finally get rid of my concern on long and jutting chin that have been killing me for 20 years!! During my school days, I used to get teased by others and they called me by my nickname, Mr. Jaw and Jutting chin…. TT
I was very hurt even though they were just joking.
Now I am a 20 years old grown up lady who wants to dress up beautifully… I didn’t want to get stressed and cover my self up all the time because of my long chin… So I am now trying to change the rest of my life by two jaw surgery.
Today is 5 days before the surgery. I hope the surgery goes well so I can come back while showing off my nice appearance to everyone around me!!

[Surgery day] I am at the clinic without having enough sleep last night bb
I went to the clinic very early even though I haven’t had enough sleep the day before because I was so excited. They have told me that I have to have good rest the day before surgery to make my body condition good, but I couldn’t sleep because I was nervous… TT I came into realization after signing up my surgery permission. Realization that I will be getting two jaw surgery that I was always dreaming of. Before going in to the operating room and lay on the operating table, I changed into surgery clothes and gargled as the nurse instructed me to. My surgeon asked me different things and I don’t remember anything from the moment when my anesthetist told me that I was going under anesthesia…!! The surgery was done when I woke up and I was under nurse’s kind care, Ta-da!! I was very sleepy maybe because I wasn’t completely awake from anesthesia, but the nurse told me not to sleep. I was trying to get my own head screwed on and I finally got to face the pain. That suffocating feeling from having difficulties while breathing… phlegm… I really don’t know how time passed at that time.

[After 3 days] Swellings on peak The swelling even came up to my eyes…
My eyelashes are keep poking my eyes…TT My eyes are so swollen…
I ate some soup that the clinic provided me!! They feed the patients around 6 everyday but I think I ate it later on by myself because I fell a sleep lol.
I had some kind of nutritional drink (?) for lunch and had soy milk for dinner.
Bruising and swellings are different for individuals but I was the one who gets more swellings and bruising… TT
They told me that I have to use ice pack and go out for walk often to reduce on the swelling and bruising!!!
The nurse told me to walk around because I was just laying down all day yesterday TT
I think it is true that the third day is ‘Devil’s third day’. But I have to be patient because becoming pretty requires to endure some pain.

[After 1 week] War with swellings and bruising I have more severe swelling and bruising compare to the others.
I think the swelling is subsiding well slowly but I still have much bruising TT
For meal, I usually have soy milk, soup and so on.
I gargle because I still cannot brush my teeth, and I have to endure this tooth sweater TT
I lost 5kgs in a week as I am not eating well.
It’s really sad because I can’t eat well but I am happy at the same time because I am losing weight lol.
My friends told me I look cute when I showed them my photos maybe because my face is still swollen.
It feels amazing to see my chin became shorter and smaller and that makes me so happy!!!
My friends are saying that I will look like a goddess and I am also excited to see myself without swellings!

[After 2 weeks] I came back after skin care It’s been two weeks ^3^
Bruising and Swelling have been subsided a lot.
I went for the first checkup and also received skin care.
I felt really refreshed because I was feeling bad as I cannot wash my face properly.
I have learned how to exercise my mouth muscle after skin care, but it still feels little awkward because my jaw still hasn’t regained all the sensation TT
I got injection to reduce on swelling because I have bad swellings…
I was also prescribed medication to reduce on swelling as they have told me that I would have to take the medication as well!
I will take the medication between times for the bruising and swellings to subside quickly!
My only concern is that my lips disappeared completely after surgery when my lips are thinner than other before surgery as well TT
I will get consultation on this next week when I visit clinic!

[After 1 month] Bruises fully subsided
All bruising disappeared and I think the swellings are subsiding well as well.
So I go out often recently and hang out with my friends a lot as well.
Many people shows positive reaction^^ They make compliments like that I look like a doll or celebrity
It looks like I have double chin because it’s still swollen under my chin as the swelling comes downwards…TT
My lips tend to appear even thinner as my jaw was pushed back after surgery so I’m thinking of getting petite surgery on my lips!!

[After 2 months] I got stitches removed! I got stitches removed!! I almost cried because of its stinging feeling T3T
And then I got the wafer out!!!!!!!! It feels so fresh and worth living, I like it so much.
My pronunciation became more accurate… People who I firstly meet don’t recognize that I had surgery. lol.
I used hide my jaw whenever I am taking photos… But I am making poses freely with my both hands now^^
I was worried about my lips became thinner after two jaw surgery which pushed my jaw backward and I made an appointment for lip filler injection this time. ^3^
I will show you guys my lips on my next review~!~!

[After 5 months] After you correct on one concern… It’s been 5 months after surgery already. Lol.
I think I am living without remembering I had surgery… except when I am writing a diary.
I had a look at some old photos which I kept deep inside my wallet for only myself to see…
I was very surprised after seeing those photos.
I couldn’t believe that I was like that I was so ugly. I am not sure how I lived with that face TT
I felt sorry for my self. Sometimes people ask me to become a model… ha ha ha I feel really great lol.
However… You discover another concern after correcting on one concern, no less.
I got my lips done because I wanted to after two jaw surgery… Now I want to get my nose done.
I might save money up for rhinoplasty…

[After 6 months] It’s been 6 months at the rate of knots Time flies in a twinkle.
My appetite increased as I feel no discomfort while eating so I am keep on gaining weight…TT
I think it’s the best to get two jaw surgery when you are young.
Considering the brawn… and it’s less hard to recover after surgery.
I think it’s good to get two jaw surgery when you are young on the aesthetic aspect as well.
I am keep thinking that it could have been even better if I had two jaw surgery earlier after I became pretty. Well, I know I was still young but still.
It still feels like a dream that I had surgery and fixed on my concern as well as being confident every where… It was really hard when I was swollen after surgery but that is just a memory now.

[After 7 months] What’s two jaw surgery for me?
Two jaw surgery for me! It was a luck to change my appearance and life but it was such a big surgery which corrected on my severely jutting chin without any trace.
However I think some people who don’t really need two jaw surgery are getting two jaw surgery recently. Especially the celebrities… They look completely normal but they get two jaw surgery to become prettier… I think the celebrities are creating more negative aspects on the two jaw surgery.
I also think that two jaw surgery has the greatest change on impression as a patient who experienced a huge change on the appearance by two jaw surgery, however I think it’s not a surgery that you could simply decide to get.. It has to be on more medical treatment side I think…. TT
People who have been around me for a long time sometimes say that they want to get two jaw surgery as well after watching my transformation, and I want to punch them.
It is only possible to get satisfying result on two jaw surgery when the two jaw surgery is done on patients who really need two jaw surgery at a clinic that you could trust after considering many factors. I hope people think this as something very simple like buying something from a supermarket.

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