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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What is the difference between two jaw surgery and facial contouring surgery? What’s suitable for my condition?

When you look at some before and after photos from plastic surgery clinics, you can see many people who had amazing transformation of their faces becoming smaller and prettier.

When you look at their surgery information, it always says that they have had two jaw surgery.

Isn’t this amazing that people with jutting chin, long face, big face or mouth protrusion can be very pretty?

However, it’s not like anyone can get two jaw surgery for aesthetic purpose.
In contrast, there are some cases where patients require two jaw surgery when they were thinking of getting facial contouring surgeries.

So today, I will introduce the difference between two jaw surgery and facial contouring surgery, and the post-operative care of them for people who are considering two jaw/facial contouring surgery.

Firstly, one of the differences between two jaw surgery and facial contouring surgery is that occlusion is one of important factors regarding two jaw surgery. Thus if you have malocclusion, under bite, over bite, asymmetry or protruding gum, you might be more suitable to two jaw surgery.

On the contrary, if a patient has no functional problem or malocclusion, it is possible to make the patient’s face smaller by facial contouring surgery.

(Rotation of bone during two jaw surgery)

(X-ray scan of facial contouring surgery patient)

Two jaw surgery can improve on the location of jaw and facial asymmetry as it relocates upper jaw and lower jaw.

However if the patient want to improve on their protruding square jaw or cheekbone, they require facial contouring surgery.

Thus most of two jaw surgery patients get facial contouring surgeries at the same time.

Another difference is that two jaw surgery requires pre-operative orthodontic and/or post-operative orthodontic treatments, and this is decided after thorough consultation with the specialist.

Pre-operative and post-operative orthodontic treatments are very important as the two jaw surgery improve on the function of jaw and the occlusion.

Are you aware about the difference between two jaw surgery and facial contouring surgeries now?

The next is post-operative care.

Facial contouring doesn’t require orthodontic treatments before or after surgery and can be discharged from the hospital after one day of hospitalization.

Two jaw surgery mostly requires orthodontic treatment, and 3~4 days of hospitalization has to take place as well.

Below are the common post-care for two jaw surgery and facial contouring surgery:

- Take the prescribed medication well.

- Have liquid diet for 2 weeks after the surgery. (Stitch inside the mouth is removed after 2 weeks.)

- You can just rinse your mouth with gargle until the stitch removal. (Brushing teeth is possible after stitch removal.)

- Try to eat soft foods until 3 months after the surgery. 

- You can use straw 2 months after the surgery.

- It is ideal to go for walk often 1~2 weeks after the surgery.

There are some other tips as well.

Firstly it is possible to go to dentists after a month of facial contouring surgery as you would be able to open your mouth wide enough (Proceed with dental treatment after checking your condition as this could be different according to individual).

Also it is ideal for you to use small tooth brush or children’s tooth brush when you can start brushing your teeth.

You may find finely chopped noodles are easy to eat, but it is better for you to have foods that are digested easily as continuous consumption of chunked food can make your stomach condition worse. 

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