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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It is easy to have heating system that is eco-friendly

Winter has its great beauty of nature that is different from the beauty of summer.

However, our body and mind gets cold even before we get to see the beautiful nature and we always turn on our heating devices without hesitation.

However our nature gets destroyed and becomes colder as much as our heating device usage.

Is there any way to make our nature warmer as much as we do?

Increasing sensory temperature with boiling water

It is really easy to save our earth while we are feeling warm.

It is to use hot-water bottle, and this is ready when you put boiling water into a bottle with cover.

You can sleep without heating devices if you put this under your blankets before you go to sleep, or when you are hugging this bottle while you are sleeping.

It normally lasts up to 8 hours, and the bottle with more capacity can stay up to 10 hours.

Maintain adequate humidity and temperature

During winter, humidity decreases as well as the decreasing temperature.

Dry air is crucial for our skin and immune system, thus we get to use humidifier more often.

If you use thermal typed humidifier, you can increase on the humidity and temperature at the same time.

Thermal typed humidifier can warm up the air by humidifying with evaporating water that is formed while the water is boiling.

However, be careful to not get burned as the opening for steam is extremely hot.

Maintaining warmth even when
the desired temperature of heating device is decreased

Recently, there are many houses that sleep in the tent that is set up indoor to maintain warmth.

The temperature inside tent is almost 3~4higher than outside as the air inside tent usually stays inside.

Thus even when you turn your heater down, the inside of tent is still warm like usual.
You can even have feeling of going camping as well.

Interior piece that can even create great mood

Floor during winter is really cold and it is possible to stop the coldness from spreading as well as making the floor warm when you place carpet or lug on the floor.

This also create warm indoor interior, and you can apply this trick on sofa by placing fabric pieces on sofa.

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