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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Two jaw surgery, we have to know it exactly!

If you are interested in plastic surgery or watch make over show often, you may have heard about the word ‘Two jaw surgery’ at least once.

You can see the huge transformation when you look at two jaw surgery patients’ before and after photo, so maybe this is why many people are considering on two jaw surgeries to simply become beautiful, to have smaller face or to change their face shape.

However, you can’t easily get two jaw surgery to simply become beautiful, unlike other cosmetic surgeries like double eyelid surgery.

Two jaw surgery is a surgery that operates on upper jaw and lower jaw at the same time, and this why this surgery is called ‘Two Jaw’ surgery.

Two jaw surgery can lead to both functional and aesthetic improvement by correcting on abnormally positioned and shaped jaw to their correct position.

Usually, osteotomy is performed to divide upper jaw and lower jaw into two parts first, bones are relocated to create correct occlusion, and finally fixes on the relocated bones.

This surgery requires accurate surgery based on accurate diagnosis and medical examination by experienced surgeon and medical team, because this surgery is related to our nerves as the bone is relocated and fixed during this surgery.

Then who should consider on two jaw surgery, when this isn’t just for aesthetic improvement?

- Jutting chin (when the end of your chin is protruded forward)

- Asymmetric face (when the center line of teeth isn’t balanced)

- Protruded mouth

- Sunken mouth where the side of nose is severely sunken as well

- Long face (when upper jaw-distance between nose and upper lip and lower jaw are both long)

- Excessive gum exposure while laughing

- Open bite

People with symptoms above, may require two jaw surgery.

Then what’s the process of two jaw surgery consultation and surgery?

1. After having thorough consultation with consultant, take facial photo, X-ray, teeth photo and produces modeling of the patient’s teeth before surgery.

2. Decision is made after having detailed consultation based on prepared consultation resources with experienced specialized surgeon.

3. After the surgery schedule is fixed, surgery preparation period is required to produce wafer and teeth modeling. (Takes about 7~10 days)

4. Surgery duration is varied according to the patient’s condition, but usually it takes about 3~4 hours under general anesthesia while the incision is made inside the mouth.

5. After surgery, depending on the patient’s condition, two jaw surgery patient is hospitalized in Intensive Care Unit under professional nurse’s 24hours of care for 3~4 days.

We found out about two jaw surgery today.

As this is a major plastic surgery, please make sure to decide on two jaw surgery after thorough consultation and diagnosis as I have mentioned at the beginning.

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