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Monday, January 16, 2017

Way to reduce swellings quickly after plastic surgery (immunity strengthening injection)

Today, we will have a look at some methods to reduce on swellings faster after plastic surgery.

Firstly, bruising and bleeding could occur during simple plastic surgery procedure to actual surgery and it is natural for swellings to occur when there is bruising and bleeding.

People are interested in ways to reduce on swelling as this can affect the result after procedure/surgery.

The level of swelling and time required for swelling reduction has big difference according to every individual.

Some people may not have severe swelling because there was almost no bleeding during surgery, whereas some people can be more swollen than usual because of more bleeding than others.

Even between people who had major swellings at first, someone’s swelling reduces faster than others.

This is because each of us has different body condition to others just like our faces being different to others.

Finally, swelling after plastic surgery is closely related to our immunity.

Our body requires many nutrients to recover after surgery.

Especially when you had surgery under general anesthesia, you should never be careless on managing your immune system.

Why is immunity so important?

The chance of getting diseases decreases when our immunity, the force to fight foreign viruses, strengthens, which means that the recovery after surgery can become faster that leads to better results.

Patients who have weakened immune system can have more bleeding than other which is directly related to swelling and recovery period.

They can also find fatigue and weakness after surgery.

Therefore, it is important to manage our immunity really well.

What’s so great about managing our immune system well?

It has effect of encouraging fast recovery and swelling reduction after plastic surgery, and also has effect of anti-aging. Strong immune systems can help to improve obesity, hair loss and skin treatments.

At WONJIN, we provide various injection treatments to strengthen our immunity which can be weakened after surgery.

The types of injections are listed below:

There are ABC cocktail injection, D injection, Mineral injection and placenta injection as our swelling care program.

Patients can get exclusive injection treatments for customized cares such as anti-aging or face slimming care as there are various types of injection treatments prepared apart from swelling treatments.

Let’s become more satisfied with our surgery result by effective swelling reduction methods!

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