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Monday, February 6, 2017

Food that is good for eyes VS Food that is bad for eyes

Recently, we get to watch computer monitor and phone for a long time and this makes our eyes very tired and dry.
When your eyes feel tired, try to rest your eyes first and do not watch TV or overwork.
Additionally, I will introduce some foods that can help to make our eyes healthy and some foods that is not good for eyes.

Good foods for our eyes

1. Cassia seed

Cassia seed is representative food that makes our eyes healthy.
Cassia seed contains vitamin A, vitamin C, carotene, and kaempferol that prevents amblyopia and improves on sand-blindness.
(※People with low blood pressure should avoid having cassia seed)

2. Carrot 

Carrot protects our eye sight and prevents night blindness.
Carrot is enriched with vitamin A which maintains our eye’s outer mucous membrane healthy and moisturized that could also prevent amblyopia.

3. Cheese

Cheese also prevents amblyopia as it is enriched with vitamin A and iron that stops accumulation of fatigue.

4. Blueberry

According to the research conducted in Italy and France, the effect of blueberry has been revealed that it prevents decline of retina function and relieves fatigue.
Blueberry is also enriched with vitamin A, amino acid and antioxidant which prevent night blindness and dry eyes.

5. Salmon

Salmon prevents various eye disease and slow downs on the spreading speed of diseases as it is enriched with Omega-3 lipaciduria.

Harmful foods for our eyes

1. Foods that contain chemical preservatives
Food that doesn’t contain mineral and vitamin isn’t good for eyes and usually, food that contains chemical preservative is included.
Foods contain preservatives include alcohol, coffee, tea, sugar, and refined flour, and cigarettes, coffee and tea are especially bad for eye health.

2. Sweet foods

Foods like candy, cake, ice cream and coke are also not good for our eyes.
If you observe your eyes after one day from sweet foods consumption, you can see that sugar overtook vitamin from our optic nerve.

Refined white sugar is especially bad for our eyes which create myopia. 

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