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Korean thermal water & Spa suggestion 01

Our body becomes stiff during winter as the cold weather shrinks our body and mind.

However if you just stay inside, you may feel unwell. At this stage, you may think of Spa or thermal water.

If you breathe in the fresh air with your body surrounded by warm water, you will feel really great.

So today, I will introduce famous thermal water & spa attraction that you can reach within 1~2 hours by car if there is no traffic jam.

German style spa resort, ‘Icheon Termeden’

Termeden that is located in Icehon, Gyunggi-do has been awarded with the best spa in South Korea in 2016 by Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs.

All customers from various age groups can enjoy Termeden as it has alkaline thermal water which is irritation-free.

Many couples and families visit here as they have great facilities and beautiful night view.

Termeden’s German style Bade Pool is motived by Gereman’s Bade Haus, which allows people to enjoy various water activities and wimming while having water therapy in the biggest Bade pool in Asia.

Termeden is surrounded by beautiful forest where people can enjoy forest therapy at the same time as well. All of its facilities are operated with 100% of natural thermal water.

Termeden is opened throughout all seasons including their outdoor facilities as well.

Location: Ichoen Termeden 372-7 Singal-ri Moga-myeon Icheon-si Gyeonggi-do South Korea (Takes about one hour by car)

Operating hours (during winter): Weekdays 9AM~8PM (9:40PM on Friday), Weekends/holidays 8AM~8PM (9:40PM on Saturday)

Admission fee (during winter): Bade pool-Weekdays (Adult) 34,000 KRW, (Child) 27,000 KRW, Weekends (Adult) 42,000 KRW (Child) 32,000 KRW (Sunset discount is available after 3:30PM on Sunday to Thursday/Night Spa discount is available after 4PM on Friday and Saturday)

Enjoy open-air spa in forest, 
‘Resom Forest Have9 Healing Spa’

Eco friendly luxury healing resort ‘Resom forest’ is located in Jecheon-si, Chungbuk, Korea and it is famous for its exotic scenery.

 ‘Have9 Healing Spa’ offers about 30 various programs including Aqua healing, Eco healing, Kids healing, etc.

Spa facilities are roughly divided into healing spa zone, aqua play zone for family, open-air spa zone, GX healing zone and sauna and spa zone.

Both adults and children can enjoy aqua activities, sauna and spa while watching the beautiful view of forests throughout all seasons through the glass wall in the spa.

There are various water activity facilities in aqua play zone including kid’s slide and kid’s spa pool which is especially popular between children.

Outdoor spa is divided into infinity spa zone and valley spa zone.

You can enjoy the beautiful view of mountain at infinity spa zone and valley spa zone operates 6 private stone spas and 5 large event spas which is very popular.

Location: 365, Geumbong-ro, Pyeongdong-ri, Baegun-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea (takes about an hour by car)

Operating hours (during winter) Have9 Healing spa-Indoor 9AM~8PM/Outdoor 10AM~6PM/Sauna 7AM~9PM/Korean dry sauna 9AM~8PM

Admission fee: Have9 Healing spa-(Adult) 53,000 KRW/(Children) 38,000 KRW (Admission after 4PM during winter (Adult) 36,500 KRW/(Child) 26,000 KRW.


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