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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Scar improving treatment after Breast surgery

"Breast surgery scar"

"Breast surgery scar" is one of the most concerning factors for people who are considering on having breast surgery.

During consultation, many of our patients are very worried about scarring after breast surgery.

As surgery requires incision which leads to bleeding, there will be scar formed on the incision area.

It is possible to minimize the size of scar with surgeon’s great skill however it is hard to find any surgery that leaves absolutely no scar.

Also the recovery ability on scar is different according to each individual’s condition.

The area and length of incision is also closely related to scarring after surgery.

Recently, many patients choose to have their incision on the ‘breast fold’ area.

Patients used to have incisions on their armpit before, however breast fold incision is now more popular as it allows better view of surgical area to surgeons which leads to better surgery result.

Also more patients who had armpit incision suffered from pain than patients who had breast fold incision as the implant irritates more body tissues while getting inserted through armpit incision.

Thus breast fold incision is more recommended based on various factors however patients may become worried about scarring after breast surgery.

It is natural for people to keep their plastic surgery experience as secret as well as wanting to have no scar after surgery.

As we understand our patient’s mind, at WONJIN plastic surgery clinic in Korea, there is an exclusive postoperative scar improving treatment system prepared for breast surgery patients.

Any patients who are concerned about breast surgery scar can have this treatment.

There are two main postoperative cares after breast surgery and they are breast texture therapy and scar improving treatment.

1. Breast texture therapy

WONJIN’s breast texture therapy is divided into 3 steps. This therapy is effective on pain relieving and capsular contracture prevention.

The goal of this therapy is to create similar breast texture to our own body tissue even when they are breast implants.

2. Scar improving treatment

Breast surgery scar will really bother us when small scars like acne scar annoy us as well.
At WONJIN, the size of incision is relatively small due to our surgeons’ rich experience, but we still improve on our patients scar through detailed treatment to remove all wounds.

Patients can have 3 step laser treatment followed by whitening therapy and regenerating injection.

Don’t leave scar after breast surgery, 
and get them treated!

If you are still not sure of WONJIN’s postoperative treatments
for breast surgery patients, you can watch WONJIN’s real patient,
HyeJung’s postoperative treatment experience!

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