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Friday, February 3, 2017

WONJIN's Breast Augmentation Review

[Before Surgery]

I couldn’t wear my clothes stylishly because I almost had no volume on my breasts, and I couldn’t really get satisfied with the pushup bras as well.
My breasts looked unnatural even when I try to make some cleavage with pushup bras, and I had to give up on stylish clothes with some volume on the breasts, because my breasts were flat.
I feel keenly the necessity of some volume on women’s breasts T.T
My wish is to wear tight cloth after breast augmentation surgery.

[After 3 days]

My breasts hurt until now since the day of surgery.
It is getting slightly better continuously, but it still hurts.
I still cannot stand uplay down by myself.

It hurts so much especially when I am coughing. My back hurts when I am sitting up straight, and the pain gets better when I am laying down. I am enduring my pain by taking pain killer. I cannot take my bandages off, but it is amazing how I still can see that my breasts became bigger even though they are wrapped around with bandages!
I hope this pain on my breasts goes away as soon as possible.
It is extremely hard for me to move and it continuously hurts. I am trying to be patient as I will become prettier after this.
My armpits are okay except for the stretching feeling that comes rarely!

[After 7 days]

I got injection to prevent on capsular contracture at the clinic.
I finally got to see my breasts for the first time and it felt so amazing.
It still hurts and it was so painful especially when my surgeon was touching my breasts T.T
After the injection, I changed into sports bra from the supportive bra! I also got my stitches removed from my armpits.
I never expected to feel so much better like this when the only difference is sports bra from supportive bra…
I feel really great about this huge progress!! I can make more movements now, and I am satisfied even though my breasts still hurt!
I still have to wear this bandage when I sleep, and my armpits are doing fine without any pain!! I don’t even feel itchy as well!!!
I hope everything settles down as soon as possible!
My breasts are so beautiful!!

[After 14 days]

As time passes, the pain got way better than the first day of surgery. However I still can feel pain around my nipple and areola sometimes.

It still hurts when I stand up from lying position, and I can go out to café for long time when I felt uncomfortable even when I was sitting down at first! The pain on my back has reduced a lot!

There is almost no pain on my armpit! Thus I hope the pain on my breasts disappear as soon as possible T.T It was really painful when my breasts were touched at first, but it is continuously getting better as I don’t really feel any pain on my breasts even when I touch them by myself!

[After 30 days]

The pain got better as I can sleep properly now.
MY surgeon said that my breasts look beautiful.

I really want to wear wire bra quickly T.T
The movement of my arms became better than before!!
The pain on my breasts hasn’t disappeared completely yet, but it became better as I don’t feel as much as pain like before when I touch them.
I touch and press my breasts every day and I can start feeling them becoming softer, which is really amazing and great!!
I am really satisfied and confident as I finally got to have breasts when I almost had none before.
I tried to lay down on my side, but this still hurts a little.
I still have to sleep in straight position, but I will try to endure this hardship!!!

[After 2 months]

I think most of the pain disappeared from my breasts.
Everything is okay except for my nipples.
It doesn’t hurt even when I squeeze my breasts by myself, and I feel so happy everyday as I look so glamorous and get to love my breasts more and more every time I look at them when I thought my breasts are relatively large compare to my body once.
It is really amazing how it is significant that I have breasts with great volume when I am wearing clothes.
It is really great that I can sleep on my side now!!
I am looking forward for spring as I would be able to wear tight clothes then.
My surgeon said that my breasts are uneven before surgery, but this is hardly significant unless I look into them in detail during shower after surgery. The surgeon did such a fantastic job.

[After 3 months]

My breasts are getting softer continuously.
My left breast is softer than the right one especially, and the pain on my nipple got better.
It is annoying to wear bandage on my breast still.
But I think it is okay because I got used to it.
I thought my asymmetric nipples would be significant after surgery, however it is hardly significant because my surgeon operated on me really well!!!
I am getting more satisfied every day with my breasts!
I really want to get this bandage off T.T
I am massaging my breasts with my hands often for them to become softer.

[After 5 months]

My left breast is still softer than the right one.
They are still little hard, but it became way better than before!
The sensation on my nipple is coming back slowly, and I really want to get this sports bra off T.T I want to show off my cleavage T.T
The weather is getting warmer so I think I can wear clothes with more confidence, and this is making me so happy!
I went to a lingerie store, and the staff said that my breast size is 70 D, wow!!! This is so amazing!!!!! Thank you WONJIN!!
My body shape looks better because I have volume on my breasts now!
I think there is almost no pain now!!

[After 6 months]

Hmm when I went to lingerie store last time, the staff said that my breast size is 75D, but she told me to wear 80C this time. I was worried, but I tried it on after purchasing that, and it perfectly fits!
It feels so new to wear wire bra after taking the sports bra off! It feels like I am getting more confidence.
Finally I can wear wire bra T.T
The time was going so slow for last 6 months when I had to wear sports bra, so I am very happy now.
It still feels like my right breast is slightly harder than the other one, but there is no discomfort!
Now they feel like my own breasts, which is really good.

[After 8 months]

This fluorescent colored bra is what I used to wear before surgery, and it feels amazing when I tried this on just then.
Breasts with volume make someone very confident.
My breasts are slightly big compare to my small upper body, but I really have to thank my surgeon when I almost had no breast until now lol.
There is no discomfort on my breasts at all.
They just feel like my own lol.
I am just thinking that my breasts were always like this.
I am really proud of my breasts now lol
People around me complimented on how glamorous I am lol
I wish other people can dress up with confidence like me!

Thank you surgeon lol
My breasts are the most beautiful!!

[After 9 months]

I have inserted bigger implants than other people but it doesn’t make me look badsilly. It’s actually better because I look more glamorous.
I cannot explain how great I feel when I go to lingerie store.
I always bought cheap bras before surgery, but for now, every time I go to lingerie store, I can tell the staffs about my breast size with confidence.

Now I care about underwear which is really great!!
I think sensation on my breasts came back. It’s not 100% back but about 8090% came back I think!!

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