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After care for liposuction

After care for liposuction

What is Liposuctio?
Liposuction deals with the removal of undesired and excessive fat on the body using sound pressure or ultrasound laser to achieve desired body line. It also refines body shape to be balanced by extracting unnecessary adipose tissue from body while removing a layer of fat.

Who needs liposuction?
1.If you have excess fat on your body
2.If you have excess fat on specific areas such as abdomen, thigh, arm, calf, face etc.
3.If you wish to refine body shape due to bumpy skin
4.If you wish to have a well-defined body in a short period

How come swelling and uneven contour occur after liposuction?
Liposuction is a method that removes excess subcutaneous fat after dissolving and absorbing it.
In the middle of process of liposuction, skin tissue and lymph vessel on dermal and fat layer can be damaged,
and our own body struggles to adhere empty space where fat layer used to stay.
Therefore, itching, swelling, fever or other pains can occur on surgery area.

Liposuction post-operative care for each area on your body!

After abdominal liposuction!
The most important point is that the surgical sites should not be pressured for any reason. Compression garments that evenly distribute pressure on stomach is helpful to subside swelling, but belts or skinny jeans can put pressure on lower abdomen, which may result in adhesion. Then you'll get belt marks on your abdomen. Thus, patients are required to wear underwear without elastic bands and pants that are not tight.

After arm liposuction!

You need to be careful about inner arm. Inner arm after liposuction sometimes occur uneven and bumpy skin.
Thus, it is recommended to make heat on liposution area using hot packs everyday for about 10 minutes for a month, then massage your inner arm with oil to form a beautiful arm line.

After thigh liposuction!

You should avoid stimulating your inner thigh. Patients are not allowed to wear mid-thigh girdle or mid-thigh stockings. Patients should be careful about wearing compression garments as it might cause inner thigh skinfolding.

Then how should we manage diet?

First of all, it is recommended to have hypoglycemia foods.
You need to have a diet that intakes nutritions and reduces calorie. Hypoglycemia foods that have low calorie are very effective for liposuction after care. Then what are the hypoglycemia foods?

1. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is good for diabetes or heart disease as it contains dietary fiber and betaglucan substances.
Minerals and various vitamins in oatmeal provides skin elasticity and nutrition, so it is also helpful for those who are on losing weight or have thin fragile skin.

2. Vegetables
Vegetables such as pumpkin, tomato, red bean and cucumber are good for kidney, which accelerate diuretic action to eliminate body wastes. Therefore, it is effective for blood circulation and decomposition of sugar and fat.

3. Fruits such as blueberry
Blueberry has been selected as 10 Must-Eat foods. It benefits your skin, prevents aging and constipation, strengthens immunity and eye sight, and improves brain activity since it contains abundant dietary fiber and minerals. Therefore, it aids dietary treatment after liposuction.


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