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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Great lip treatments for beautiful lips

People with soft and voluminous lips look healthy and beautiful.

It is not hard to have that kind of lips through peeling, UV blocking, moisturizing or even some procedures.

Thus I will introduce some great lip treatments to have beautiful lips today.

1. Peeling

There is often dead skin cells formed on the outer layer of our lips as this sensitive layer gets dried easily.

Thus you can prevent this by simple peeling on your lips that you can do at home.

Firstly, wash your lips with warm water and massage your lips with a mixture of honey and sugar.

When you wash these off with water, you will be able to have soft lips again.

2. Moisturizing

It is ideal to moisturize your lips frequently.

The absorption of moisturizing components gets even better if you put moisturizers after peeling your lips.

Honey, coconut and shea butter are good components to moisturize your lips, so lip balms with these components will be able to protect and moisturize your lips.

It is ideal to apply lip balm before you put lipstick on or before you go to sleep.

It is important to apply lip balms more often during winter as it gets drier during this season.

3. Avoid UV rays and smoking

The color of your lips can become darker due to smoking or continuous exposure to UV rays.

Thus it is ideal to quit smoking and avoid UV rays.

4. Drink lots of water and avoid sodium and alcohol

Our lips reflect our health status.

If your body is lacking moisture, your lips can become dry and there can be some skin trouble formation.

You can have healthy lips if you drink lots of water while avoiding coffee, alcohol and salty food.

5. Choose your lipstick after reading through its components

It is ideal to use UV blocking lip balm instead of lipstick with various chemical components.

Make sure to check the components before you buy lipstick!

6. Making voluminous lips

Everyone wants voluminous lips.

You can use lip gloss if you would like to make your lips more voluminous, or else, you can have lip filler injection.

Most of clinics perform lip filler procedure, however the result is varied according to the type of filler and the doctor’s skill.

WONJIN performs safe lip filler procedure with authentic products.

Many people prefer filler injection as the procedure and recovery time is very short and it is possible to go back to the daily routine right after the procedure.

You can refer to the posting below for more information on lip filler injection:

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